Christmas Decorum

Written for the WL Christmas Challenge.

Cameron walked out onto the catwalk, his head held high. This was not the first show in his newly resumed modelling career. He’d done a couple for this particular establishment and had luxuriated in the high end clothing he’d donned. His best memory so far was the tuxedo which had brought the house down.

To date, this was the only show he’d done without Chad being around. He knew his Top was busy at the mine preparing for its’ closure and the year end reports. But as they already knew the shop’s managers, it hadn’t been hard for him to persuade Chad he’d be perfectly okay.

He’d kept his mouth firmly shut when he found out what he’d be putting on view. As he walked out onto the catwalk he felt a cold breeze. It wasn’t a surprise. After all, he was in a G-string with a red and white square barely covering the important bits in front. He smiled as he heard the wolf whistles and catcalls. He began to flirt, enjoying the attention he was getting.
Chad sat at the far back of the smoke-filled room, nursing a cold one. He had finished up early than expected and hoped to surprise his young partner at this fund-raising event being held to raise funds for Prostate Cancer. Having just recently learned about this yearly event, he’d never attended it before.

He briefly wondered who was going to have the bigger surprise; him or Cameron. Chad wasn’t a prude by any means, but most folks would be inclined to agree that the costumes being modeled were getting more and more risqué.

He smiled each time his young partner walked out and sashayed around the stage with a flirtatious grin on his handsome face. The Brat was obviously enjoying himself.

Chad understood this need Cameron had to be admired. ‘Let’s face it,’ he mused. ‘The man deserves to be thought highly of. He’s extremely talented, carries himself well and looks great in just about anything.’

The first outfit Chad had seen Cameron in was a pair of very short, red shorts with matching red suspenders and sporting a Santa Claus face over his private parts; not exactly tasteful, but also not overly daring or lewd.

This time however, Chad almost choked on his beer when he saw what his Brat was wearing. ‘A G-string is really pushing it,’ he silently objected, his lips compressing. His eyes narrowed when Cameron cheekily promenaded to the side of the catwalk, turned around and bent over to brazenly wiggle his bare butt at a member of the audience who had been hollering vulgar invitations.

An incensed Chad jumped to his feet. Fortunately, he just managed to prevent himself from charging across the room and grabbing the lecherous creep by the throat and shaking him. The man had dared to stretch up and draw his finger down the cleft between Cameron’s smooth, perfectly formed globes.

Like the pro he was, Cameron merely stepped out of reach and sauntered off as if nothing objectionable had happened. 

Chad sat down and his eyebrow rose when he glanced up to see the barely concealed expression of shock flash over his partner’s face.

Cameron’s first thought was unprintable. It was only sheer professionalism that kept him upright; smile plastered on and butt wriggling. He was relieved to see the jerk who’d pawed him being firmly removed by two of the security guards.

‘What the hell is Chad doing here?’ Cameron wondered exactly how much trouble he was in. Inwardly he flinched. Chad was pretty possessive. ‘Lots!’ he admitted to himself as he finished his promenade down the catwalk. He was met at the back by the employee who was running the show.

“Cameron!” The man had a pleading look on his face. “I’ve been badly let down. I need you to do the mankini spot. It’s the star of the show.”

Cameron’s stomach plunged. This article had been prominently displayed in the advertising for the benefit. He’d stated firmly that there was no way he would wear it and it had been agreed that an out-of-town model would demonstrate it. “Gregory got into a car wreck so he can’t make it,” the flustered manager explained. “And you’re the only one who can pull it off.”

Cameron conceded. After all, the man was right. He hoped Chad’s blood pressure had settled down as he pulled the skimpy costume on.

The wolf whistles he got as he walked out beat everything that had gone before. He studiously avoided the area Chad was sitting in. ‘Act professional,’ he thought to himself. ‘Remember, this is all for charity.’

Chad’s eyes widened when he saw how scantily clad his Brat was. He drained down the last of his drink and pushed the glass away in case he accidently crushed it. He was sure steam was escaping when he saw what Cameron did next. As if parading around in public a step short of naked wasn’t offensive enough, the young man yanked the Santa hat off his head and walking as close as possible to the edge of the stage, he started a collection.

“Just you wait until we get home, my lad!” Chad muttered under his breath. “Just you wait!”


Chad walked into the house and tossed his keys on the counter. He’d calmed considerably during the drive home from Kelowna and felt in control enough to deal with this evening’s events.

Boots removed and coats hung up, the two men solemnly made their way into the living room. The unlit tree appeared somewhat joyless. The other bits and piece of holiday décor did little to improve the overall atmosphere.

Sitting down on the sofa and patting the space beside him, Chad briefly closed his eyes and released a long sigh of regret.

“I expect a full explanation for your actions tonight, Cameron,” he sternly demanded.

Cameron briefly thought about turning on the lights, but finally sighed and sat down next to his Top. “It was a lingerie show for Prostate Cancer,” he replied. “They got the ideas from the Victoria Secrets show. I only found out about it after I signed on and they did give me an out clause if I wanted one. Obviously I didn’t use it. I thought the G-string was as far as it would go. I didn’t expect that jerk to touch me and I definitely didn’t expect a no-show of the guy who was supposed to wear the mankini. God, I hate Sacha Baron Cohen. He’s an evil genius. Anyway, I figured it was for charity and we couldn’t let the crowd down.”

“I am sure as daringly foolish as that performer can be; he was in no way accountable for your behaviour. It may have been for charity, Mugs, but you were not responsible for the entire success or failure of the show. Of the three outfits I saw you prancing around in, only the first was in any way acceptable. You could and should have said ‘no’ when asked to wear the other get-ups. It is a simple word, only two letters and when pronounced decisively enough, the message will get through. My presence along should have acted as a deterrent.”

“Didn’t know you were going to be there,” Cameron muttered resentfully. “Nobody else in the show could have handled the mankini. None of them are as hot as me.” There was no conceit in Cameron’s tone. He unpretentiously viewed his body and face as tools to get the work done. He’d grown from the young unsure model he had been a couple of years ago.

“Cameron, you knew I was there when you before you came on stage that final time. It’s unfortunate that there was a no-show, but again I’ll emphasize that you were not responsible for filling in. And I don’t care that there was no one else who could have. There were certain guidelines agreed upon when you recommenced your modelling career part-time. One of the most important rules was that there was to be absolutely no nudity or near-nudity involved. Nothing you wore was to be provocative or distasteful in any way. Is that not correct?” Chad’s voice was composed and quiet.

“It was for charity,” Cameron argued. “It was a one off and it won’t happen again.” He had a sinking feeling he was fighting a losing battle. “I wasn’t nude. Nothing important was exposed.”

“Cameron!” Chad growled warningly. Both knew the younger man was desperately trying to skirt the real issue.

“Okay, I guess it was provocative and distasteful,” Cameron relented. “And it was near nude. It was kind of emergency back stage but I could have and should have said ‘no’. Stopping to think is not one of my strengths,” he grinned wryly. “What do I need to do to make it all right? Can I make it all right?”

“You can’t change what’s already been done, Mugs. But you can learn from it. This habit of not thinking before taking action is an area we’re working on together.” Chad shifted until he was sitting up straighter. “You know how we handle any violations of the tenets which govern our relationship.” He waited patiently for his partner to make the next move.

“You spank me,” Cameron reluctantly murmured, his voice breaking slightly. He genuinely hated this part. Chad’s spankings really hurt. But as his Top had pointed out more than once, that was why it was called punishment. He stood up and dropped his pants and went over Chad’s knee.

Chad lightly caressed the white cheeks before lifting it and bringing it back down with a resounding snack. As he continued, he watched for the tell-tale signs that indicated his Brat’s understanding and acceptance of why this was needed. Only a dozen hard swats had Cameron whimpering and kicking his legs. A dozen more had him crying and squirming to avoid the painful onslaught.

The spanking ended as suddenly as it had begun. Chad raised his leg slightly to adjust Cameron’s position. He shook his head when the chastened man wailed out his fear of the punishment continuing. Chad had no intention of adding to the fire now raging on the very red bum. Instead he leaned forward and gently ran his tongue over the heated flesh.

“You’re mine alone to ogle, to touch, to love,” he crooned between slow wet licks, confident Cameron could hear him despite still softy crying. “No one else gets to see all of you or touch you.”

Several moments later, Chad totally removed Cameron’s jeans before helping him stand up and rearrange his clothing.   

  “Give me a sec, love.” Chad turned on the tree lights and the CD player. Then he turned off the overhead light before stretching out on the sofa and drawing Cameron down to lie on top of him. “Feeling any better, Mugs?” he inquired once they were comfortably cuddling under the velour blanket he’d hauled off the back of the sofa.

“Hmmm, yes,” Cameron contentedly breathed out a reply. “Mind was blown, but it seems to be back.” He snuggled deeper, and then turned serious. “From this moment forward, only you get to see me whole or partially naked. That new word ‘no’ is going to be used by me more often.”

“Good plan, because you still have time to get in some good conduct before Christmas. And I think I know what I’m going to get you, Mugs. Actually, come to think of it, I guess it will be more for me.” Chad dropped a kiss on his lover’s head.

“I’m still on the good side of the ledger,” Cameron protested. “No coal in my stocking." He cocked his head to one side and glared up at his Top. “How can my present be more for you than me?”

“Those outfits you were flaunting earlier. You can model them just for me and get as provocative as you like. Now that’s what I consider proper Christmas behaviour. What do you think, love?”

Cameron just grinned and his eyes sparkled mischievously as visions of the non-sugar-plum variety filled his head.

From the dreamy expression on his Brat’s face, Chad anticipated many hours of fun would be had with those gift ideas.

The End  

Cameron's Christmas Mankini Outfit

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  1. OMG those mankinis are atrocious, but I have to admit that red Christmas one and the guy wearing it is a million times easier on the eyes than Sacha Baron Cohen in his bright lime green one. Fun story thankyou.