A Choice To Make

Special Thanks to a Beta who wishes to remain anonymous.
This is Chad and Cameron's follow-up Story to Daring Plans’.


Chad and Cameron sat in the back seat of Hugh’s vehicle throughout the thirty minute drive back to Jade Heights; at least one of them had been trying to hold back his laughter as they listened to Kyler’s non-stop babbling. Not reacting soon became impossible as the one-sided conversation turned personal.

Hungry for more than food, Kyler seemed unsure of whether he wanted to eat first or have sex. He was still enjoying an endorphin high. He eventually opted for the second choice and began listing past sexual pursuits he’d delighted in most with his partners. But it was when he moved on to comparing his lovers’ ‘junk’ as he called it that caused the men behind him to totally lose it.  

Chad sputtered into the handkerchief he’d pulled from his pocket and his eyes watered. He felt like he was in danger of choking as he studied Hugh’s nonchalant expression in the rear view mirror. He admired the man’s ability to keep his cool the way he was.

Cameron was not as restrained as his Top. He’d been giggling since they’d left the club, but when Kyler started to list the differences between his partners, Cam almost hyper-ventilated. It was only when his friend mentioned the dimensions of his partner’s manhood that he felt an overwhelming need to join in. He later blamed it on a lack of oxygen. “That’s nothing, man,” he began before being cut off.

“Don’t you dare, Mugs!” Chad growled, reaching for Cameron’s hand and giving it a warning squeeze. He breathed a sigh of relief when Hugh pulled up in front of their home. “Thank you so much for playing chauffeur, Hugh. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem at all,” Hugh assured him. “I couldn’t see the point in taking more cars than needed. Good evening to both of you.”

Chad hustled his partner out of the car and closed the door. “Goodnight, Hugh, and thanks again.”  He stood on the curb and waved as the vehicle drove out of sight.

Cameron wasn’t tired but he was turned on. “I don’t know why you stopped me,” he grumbled as they entered the house. “You got much better junk.” He looked up into Chad’s eyes. “Look I know I’m in trouble for tonight but I’d rather deal with it tomorrow. Tonight I just want you to make love to me.”

Chad smiled his understanding. The sights and sounds his lover had revelled in earlier this evening had left the younger man sexually charged. He realized it would take time to get Cameron settled for the night as it was, without trying to have a serious discussion with him.

Landing a swat on Cameron’s butt, Chad quietly instructed, “Get upstairs and ready for bed. I’ll join you as soon as I lock up.”

Cameron raced up the stairs and as soon he was in the bedroom he stripped, grabbed the lube from the bedside table and waited eagerly for his lover. His eyes lit up as Chad entered the room. There were twelve years between the two, and Cameron often wondered how he’d lucked out and found his perfect match. He knee walked down the bed and reached for the buckle on Chad’s belt. “Someone is definitely overdressed,” he purred, “and it ain’t me.”

“I’ll rectify that in a minute, Mugs. I’ve something to do first.” Chad smirked wickedly as Cameron threw himself backwards with a loud groan of frustration. After turning off the overhead light and dimming the one on the night stand, Chad headed for their en suite. He immediately returned carrying a hand towel, which he tossed on the bed. Then he slowly undressed. He was aware of the other man’s eyes following his every move and he savoured a self-satisfied grin at the sight of his lover’s arousal.

“Spoilsport,” Cameron accused, even though Chad’s striptease had been beyond hot.

Crawling in beside Cameron, Chad pulled him close and soundly kissed the pouting lips, entering the welcoming mouth and tasting the sweetness within. “You can undress me next time, love,” he softly promised as he came up for air. He continued his sensual assault by running large hands down the supple body he loved so much, and placing tender kisses over the face he adored.

“I’ll take you up on that,” Cameron vowed, angling his mouth for another of his partner’s earth-shattering kisses. His world briefly exploded once more and he lay back. “I’m all yours,” he announced dramatically.

Chad’s tongue grazed over the shell of his lover’s ear for a moment or two before he lightly blew on the moistened area, causing Cameron to tremble. He took his time preparing the love of his life, even as he sensed Cameron’s growing hunger to move things along faster.

Cameron was drowning in sensation. His lover knew his body so well and all his erogenous zones were having plenty of attention paid to them. He had learnt Chad’s equally as well and his hands ghosted over the older man’s body, hitting as many areas as he could reach. He felt Chad’s fingers preparing him and thrust back, wanting more stimulation.

“Stop teasing,” he panted, his mind hazing over yet again. “I’m ready and I want you now.”

Chad softly chuckled at his partner’s impatience. He rolled Cameron onto his side and spooned around him. It was a position he often favoured as he found it comfortable and peaceful even though his penetration wouldn’t be as deep as in other positions. As soon as he was sure Cameron’s muscles were fully relaxed, he slowly pushed his erection into the well-stretched opening.

He paused long enough to cover the sheet in front of Cameron with the towel he’d retrieved earlier, and then wrapped an arm around his lover to masturbate and fondle him.

Cameron couldn’t decide which stimuli he enjoyed more, so he just moaned in appreciation. Then he found religion. “Oh God, Chad, that’s so good. I’m gonna cum.”

“Go for it, my love,” Chad breathlessly encouraged as his own excitement mounted. He wasn’t long behind his partner in groaning out his climax.

Both men lay entwined and gasping for quite a few lingering ticks of the clock. Chad’s hot breath blew across his lover’s shoulders and his racing heartbeat could be felt pumping against Cameron’s back.

Finally able to do so, Chad used the towel to clean first his lover and then himself. He folded it in such a manner as to leave the outside dry and place it between Cameron’s legs so hopefully neither of them would have to sleep on a wet spot.

Chad listened to the soft snores coming from the man he held in his arms as he too slowly drifted off to the thoughts of what tomorrow might hold.


Cameron rolled over and realised he was alone. He’d had some pretty strange dreams. He’d never thought in a thousand years to picture Chad in some of the costumes he’d seen at the fetish club last night. The boots he’d yearned after just did not go with his Top’s every day work clothes.

“Weird,” he thought as his stomach suddenly reminded him it was breakfast time. Then it rolled slightly when he realised after they ate, he and Chad would talk about what happened the evening before. Cameron was pretty sure he’d be facing the floor over Chad’s lap for at least part of that discussion. He just hoped Chad hadn’t thought of some other ingenious way to punish him. He got up, put on a pair of pyjama bottoms and padded downstairs.

“You can handle the interview, Kipper. You know what our expectations are. It can’t be help that Jeff chose to be a no-show last night.” Chad held the phone between his shoulder and his ear, listening carefully while nodding distractedly as he stirred scrambled eggs on the stove. He smiled when he saw Cameron and beckoned him over. “Okay, we’ll touch base later and you can fill me in. Goodbye.” He hung up and pulled his partner into a tight hug, kissing his forehead. “Sleep good, Mugs?”

“Yes.” Cameron smiled up at Chad. “Funny dreams though. I love your scrambled eggs. Any bacon to go with that?” It was Cameron’s favourite food. He’d even experimented under Clarissa’s watchful eye, with bacon cookies. “Who’s Jeff?”

“Of course there’s bacon. It’s keeping warm in the oven,” Chad assured him before answering his question. “Jeff is the guy we were to meet at the mine last night. He’s interested in filling the vacancy caused by our accountant’s early retirement. Gaetane’s Parkinson’s is progressing and Kipper wants to stay home with him. Kyler doesn’t want the position, preferring his own business rather than working for just one company; or so he says. Although I’m inclined to think he didn’t want me as his boss. Anyway, Jeff applied but hasn’t actually made the best first impression. He claims he had a good reason for missing the meeting so I’m letting Kipper handle it.”

Chad turned off the stove and divided the eggs and bacon between two plates. “Table is set and coffee is on. Please butter the toast that just popped up.”

Cameron readily did as requested. “I don’t see why Kyler wouldn’t want you as a boss. After all, you’ve been his boss before. I don’t mind if you want to go to the meeting.” Cameron glanced over at his Top wondering how this comment would be met.

“I’ve already made arrangements to spend the day with you, my love. And although I’ve been Kyler’s boss at the mine, he wasn’t working daily in the office with me in such close proximity. I’m still someone he has to answer to at the lounge, but that is only part-time and I’m sure he sees me more as a client than a boss.” Chad smiled at Cameron’s attempt to waylay, if not totally avoid, the issue they had to deal with this morning. He pulled out a chair and sat down while his partner did the same. “Eat up, Mugs, before it gets cold.”

The meal was complemented by easy-going conversation of the type usually enjoyed by a loving couple who shared many similar interests and dreams. But once it was finished and the kitchen set to rights, a more serious topic came to the fore as the two men retook their places at the table.  

Cameron squirmed under Chad’s stern, but loving look. “I did tell you I was going out to a club with Kyler, Rene and Kadyn,” he pointed out virtuously.

“Yes, you did,” Chad agreed. “I’m just curious as to why you failed to mention the fetish event taking place.”

“We kinda all promised we wouldn’t divulge that,” Cameron admitted. “Sometimes you Tops tend to get uptight over certain words.”

“And you naturally assumed ‘fetish’ was one of those certain words,” Chad wryly stated. “Did it ever cross your mind that aside from making certain of your safety, I would still have been okay with you going there?”

“Nope,” Cameron replied, a blush colouring his face. “I wasn’t sure how I felt and it ain’t a discussion we’ve ever had. It was exciting. In fact, it was pretty hot. But I’m really not that interested in experimenting with any of it. It’s like sex with women. I know about it, but I don’t want to do it.”

“I feel a sense of relief in that, Mugs. While it’s true we live a power-exchange type of relationship, there are some levels practiced by others that I really don’t find all that appealing. And although we’ve never discuss the issue, it doesn’t mean the subject was taboo. I would definitely have appreciated being informed of what you guys were really up to. Grant it, there would have been a lengthy questioning and answering period to determine the safety factor. Then again, maybe that is exactly what you were hoping to dodge.”

Cameron cocked his head to one side. “I guess so,” he finally confessed after thinking it through. “I didn’t have many details as it was Kyler who did the research and found the party. I didn’t have any concrete information I could have shared, even if we hadn’t decided not to divulge the type of club we were going to. I couldn’t break a promise.” Cameron widened his blue eyes and met Chad’s for the first time since breakfast. “Kyler really didn’t want his partners to know what we were doing.”

“I see,” Chad quietly responded, keeping niggling doubts to himself. He felt something was being withheld but decided it was too late to make an issue out of what had already taken place. But he determined the oversight on his part in not pushing for more info would not be repeated. “And you figured chances of my finding out about your choice of clothing were few to none, right? Or that I wouldn’t mind if you put yourself on display in a public place like you did last night?”

Cameron wriggled under that line of questioning. “I had to dress in something suitable for clubbing,” he protested, but wilted slightly under the look Chad gave him. “I didn’t really think about it. Although I suppose subconsciously I did because I didn’t change until you’d gone to the mine. Hey, at least the suggestion I made too strip off our shirts got vetoed; even though it really was hot there.”

Chad rolled his eyes at his Brat having just put his foot in his mouth. “You lucked out when your suggestion was shot down, my lad,” he scolded. “Because ‘Hot’ just doesn’t cut it, Mugs. Do you want to know why?”

“Because I’m yours,” Cameron ventured, “and you’re a touch possessive.”

Chad chuckled at his partner’s attempt to lighten the mood. “I guess that’s one way of putting it and it is true. You are mine and I don’t like others ogling someone who belongs to me. But we’ll be returning to this occasional unruly behaviour a little later because while we’ve addressed most of last evening’s problem areas, there’s still an unresolved issue.”

"There is?” Cameron was puzzled until the light dawned. “Kyler,” was all he groaned.

“Uh-huh,” Chad concurred with a nod. “And you daring him to do something he had decided against. We’ve had this discussion before, Mugs. You are well aware of my disapproval in regards to daring friends to carry out an act that could prove dangerous. In fact, today will not be the first time you’re being punished for this infraction.”

“Oh, come on! Kyler was beyond fascinated with flogging,” Cameron protested. “All I did was to remind him of that. Plus he seemed to really get off on it. They had enough rules in place to keep him safe.”

“Yes, fortuitously it all ended well. But that’s not the point. You still broke an iron-clad rule we’ve had for some time now. And as we’ve visited this form of disobedience at least twice before, I think we may have to up the punishment.” Chad paused to see what his Brat’s take would be on what he’d just hinted at.

“Up the punishment,” Cameron repeated. “What exactly do you mean by that?” He was slightly alarmed even though he knew he’d broken one of the cornerstone rules; ‘do not put yourself or anyone else in harm’s way’.

“I was thinking of introducing the use of a hairbrush; your hairbrush to be exact. If you feel able to accept that, then you can prove it by going upstairs and fetching it. I’ll be waiting in the living room while you make your decision.” With that, Chad got up and walked out of the kitchen.

Cameron sat at the table for a few minutes. Finally he got up and went upstairs. He picked up his hairbrush and looked at the wide, wooden back. He hissed slightly. Having that applied to his bottom was going to hurt, but he really felt that in this circumstance he probably did deserve a spanking he would really remember. He knew Chad would prefer to use his hand, but the pure fact of the matter was that Cameron knew his friend might get paddled. As he had been the direct cause of Kyler getting that deeply in trouble, he should expect nothing less.

He went back downstairs and handed Chad the hairbrush, standing in front of his Top while still wearing only his pyjama pants.

Chad accepted the implement with a definite lack of enthusiasm and set it on the sofa next to his right hip. He admired his partner for the hard decision the young man had just made, but he intended to make little use of the brush.

Taking Cameron’s hands in both of his, he gazed up at the man he loved with all his heart. “As always, sweetheart, this was your choice. Together, after many discussions regarding our expectations, we set up the guidelines we both agreed you needed to help learn to control less than desirable tendencies than often resulted in harmful activity. My responsibility in our relationship is to see that these guidelines are followed and when necessary, to chastise you for stepping over the line. Yours was to submit to my authority in those areas of your life which you felt you either couldn’t or didn’t want to handle on your own. But the bottom line is that it was, and will always be, your choice.”

Knowing his partner was avidly listening to every word, Chad continued. “In a way, Mugs, you denied Kyler a choice by daring him when you knew full well he could not or would not turn down a dare. You capitalized on your friend’s weakness, possibly putting him in danger.” He saw the light of understanding appear in Cameron’s eyes and sadly watched them tear up.

As much as he’d prefer to be doing otherwise, Chad lowered Cameron’s PJ’s to just below his knees and pulled him face down across his thighs. He gently rubbed the white bottom, feeling it clench in anticipation of what was to come.

Raising his right hand, Chad proceeded to administer a sound spanking. Cameron was sobbing freely and had kicked off the flannel pants by the time the hand stopped falling. His backside was a fiery red when Chad picked up the hairbrush and delivered one final swat to each sizzling cheek.

Cameron always forgot how much a spanking hurt. The mild scolding Chad had given him had already made him emotional but this was pure punishment. He knew he’d feel better afterwards. Chad never brought up old transgressions and spankings tended to wipe the slate clean. He detested groundings and his partner knew it.

He was not thinking any of those things as Chad spanked him. He was much more focused on the increasing burn of his bottom. When Chad paused, he almost sobbed out his relief. Then he heard the splat of the hairbrush and a second later he felt the blaze explode. He immediately became aware of the fact that the back of the hairbrush covered a much larger area than his chastiser’s hand. When the second swat landed on the other side, he howled in pain. He was in no condition to realise Chad had stopped.

Chad tossed the hairbrush onto the coffee table. He tenderly rubbed circles on his crying partner’s back while murmuring words of love and forgiveness. Even knowing his voice was falling on deaf ears, he continued the mollifying cadence.

Slowly Cameron got to the stage where he could sense the hands on his back and the soothing voice. He luxuriated in the warm deep tones of his Top, although he wasn’t really listening to the actual words in the beginning. Undoing his death grip on the pillow he’d been holding, he turned his head. “Wanna new hair brush?” His throat couldn’t produce more than a hoarse whisper.

“We don’t need a new one, Brat.” Chad shook his head at his partner’s audacity. “No damaged was incurred during this one’s previous engagement.” He helped Cameron roll over to cuddle on his lap; making sure to keep his legs parted enough to avoid contact with a very sore backside. He handed him a handful of tissues to blow his nose and mop up some of the tears. “All’s good, right love? Is there anything you need cleared up before we put this whole incident behind us?”

“Need to say sorry to Kyler,” Cameron replied, snuggling comfortably in in his partner’s arms. “No damage to my hairbrush, but I can’t say the same thing about my butt. And I can’t brush my hair with that thing again. Not without thinking of its’ other use. Apart from that, I think we’re all good.”

“Kyler may be unavailable today, so your apology will have to wait, Mugs. So, I take it you’re ready to return to an issue we kind of left hanging a bit earlier. You remember, right? Your habit of occasionally dressing or acting provocatively in public?” Getting a bleak nod in response, Chad expressed what had been troubling him most. “I’m concern these lapses may be an attempt to capture the limelight when someone else is being noticed more. Are you even conscious of doing that?” 

“N-no,” Cameron sniffled, wiping at his still wet eyes. “Kyler was the focus of all our attention. Well except for Kadyn who was freaking out. I don’t think I’m that vain anymore, even if I’m still in shape and smokin’ hot.”

“I wasn’t inferring that you necessarily wanted your friends’ attention, Mugs. Nonetheless, I do think at times you miss some of the life you once had. The glamour, the fancy clothes, the attentiveness of your devoted fans, etc. I think you still need some of that, and I might know of a way for you to acquire it. Would you be interested in doing a bit of modelling now and again?”

Cameron blinked in disbelief. “Wow,” he eventually managed to croak, and then clear his throat. “That was unexpected. I’d be interested. After all, it was my career. What do you have in mind? I assume you’d act as my manager. I’ll need to know more before I commit.” The old sparkle returned to his gorgeous blue eyes.

“Well I don’t know if you’ll need a manager per say, but I’ll certainly support any decision you make in regards to this new opportunity I’ve heard about recently. However, before I tell you about it we’ve a pact to make.” Chad raised an eyebrow as if questioning his Brat’s willingness and ability to adhere to the promises expected from him.

“What kinda pact?” Cameron caught the eyebrow and scowled at his Top.

“One that will require your promise to abide by certain stipulations in regards to future social events when we are not there as a couple. First, I want your word you’ll keep me better informed of new venues you plan to attend regardless of what your friends do or do not want. There’s to be no more withholding pertinent information to do with your whereabouts or activities. I’m not trying to play the heavy here, Mugs. Your well-being is my paramount concern. Secondly, all provocative behaviour and sexy clothing are exclusively for our personal enjoyment and more often than not, in the privacy of our own home. I think that works for you as well as it works for me, right? It’s never failed to benefit both of us in the past, has it?”

Cameron grinned as his mind flashed back to some of those past times. “I can agree to both of those,” he replied. “I’m assuming the modelling isn’t going to involve jeans and the like again, because that can get way sexy.”

“It’s your demeanour that gets sexy, Mugs. The clothes have little to do with it. You can look absolutely stunning in a burlap bag.” Chad smiled and winked at the beautiful young man sitting on his lap. “Remember, sweetheart, you go back on your word and you forfeit the excitement of pursuing your former line of work. You’re going to have to give more thought to plans you and your pals cook up in the future.”

“Hey, it’s very rare for me to go back on my word once I’ve given it,” Cameron piquantly insisted. “I might have early on in our relationship but nowadays I’m lots better. True, I didn’t tell you the whole truth about where we were going, but I did say I was going to a club and who with. If one of the new rules is full disclosure, I’m happy to follow it.” He smirked happily at his partner. “And thanks for the compliment.”

“You’re welcome.” Chad heaved a sigh at having inadvertently ruffled his Brat’s feathers by clarifying his stance on the matter. It certainly hadn’t been his intention. “So now that an understanding has been reached, are you interested in hearing about the modelling position?”

“Hell, yes!” Cameron cocked his head to one side and gazed up at his partner. He had missed modelling but hadn’t wanted to admit it even to himself.

“All right then,” Chad smiled at the happier expression on his partner’s face. “A couple of days ago, I received a call from a friend of a friend and so on. It took a few moments to clue into the fact that the man thought he was talking to you. With you not being available, he merrily proceeded to tell me what he was calling about. The gist of it is that several elite clothing shops in Kelowna have come up with a new way to boost their advertising returns. They are planning to hold at least two fashion shows yearly and are presently trying to recruit models. Your name came up.”    

“That surprises me,” Cameron declared. “I was only just starting to make a name for myself when you found me and became my Prince Charming.” His eyes twinkled in amusement. “I’m definitely in if they want me. They need to understand I have limited runway modelling experience, but I can fake it.”

“Then we’ll have to look into it further. I wrote down the gentleman’s phone and cell numbers. He said he’d be available during normal business hours.”

“Now?” Cameron excitedly sat up, and winced as his bottom protested the hard surface it encountered.

“You’re free to follow up on it whenever you like.” Chad figured having something positive to look forward to, was a major plus right now.

We’ll follow it up.” Cameron emphasized the ‘we’. “We’re a team, me and you.” He snuggled even deeper into Chad’s arms. “But we’ll do it tomorrow. This is our time.”

The End

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