Botox Party

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Cameron turned off the television, his brain working fast. The documentary had been very interesting and had set him thinking. He got up and stood in front of the hall mirror. It was a present from Chad when he’d complained he had to trek all the way up to the bedroom to check if he looked respectable. There’d been a few times since when he hadn’t been, and they hadn’t quite made it to the bedroom. Cameron’s smile widened as he remembered the last time that had happened.

He looked closely at himself. He admitted he had nothing to be ashamed of; his body was in tip-top condition. His t-shirt fit snugly and the jeans he was wearing showed just enough at the front whilst hugging his butt. He flicked his hair back and peered intently at his face. He frowned and then looked closer. “Was that a frown line or a smudge on the mirror?” He began to clean it. He looked again. “No, it was definitely a line.”

 Just then Chad arrived home carrying the groceries he’d gone out for.

“Hi, lover,” Cameron greeted, grabbing one of the bags and carrying it through to the kitchen. He helped put the supplies away, in his usual bouncy, chatty manner.

“So,” Chad began as he folded the reusable shopping bags, “did you get the vacuuming done like I asked?”

Cameron blushed. “No,” he admitted. “There was this really interesting documentary on the television and I kind of lost track of the time. I did clean the hall mirror,” he added hopefully. “I’ll do the vacuuming now, shall I?”

“I’ll get lunch started while you do that, Mugs.” Chad nodded understandingly and then suggested, “You can tell me all about the biopic during our meal.”

Lunch was on the table when Cameron finished his chore, and there was silence as the two men ate. Once Cameron had served the coffee, he took sip and closed his eyes in pleasure. “I don’t know how Rene can give this beverage up,” he commented. “It’s the nectar of the Gods.” He took another sip. “The show I was watching was about ageing and how to stop the signs of looking older.” Cameron stopped and smirked at his partner. “Some of them were as old as you,” he joked. The age difference between the two of them was always a joking matter.

“That old, huh? Must have seemed really decrepit,” Chad drolly responded and hid his smile behind the mug he held in his hand.

“You’re not decrepit!” Cameron hastily objected. “But the men and women on that program must have had a tough life because they sure looked old. I’m just a wee bit worried that when I get older, I’m going to be like them.” He shuddered his revulsion at the thought. “I was thinking about checking some Botox treatments.”

“Forget it, Mugs!” Chad got up and started clearing the table. “You’re gorgeous and will always be so in the eyes of those who love you. Those shots can do more harm than good in the long run and you certainly don’t need them to begin with.”

“I can see lines starting to form,” Cameron argued as he lent a hand with the clean-up. “It’s perfectly safe.” He wasn’t going to give up without a fight. He had grown in confidence during his time with Chad, but eighteen years where his self-worth had come from his good looks didn’t end overnight.

Wanting to derail the pending argument, Chad took the dishes from his partner and placed them in the sink. Then taking Cameron’s hand in his, led the way upstairs to their bedroom.

Cameron chewed his bottom lip nervously. “Weren’t we just having a discussion?” he ventured finally, his voice slightly uncertain.

“You are not in trouble here, Mugs. I just want to examine you and see where this medical aid will be beneficial.” He held up a finger when Cameron’s mouth opened as if to protest. “I’ll do whatever talking is necessary.” Picking the slightly smaller man up, Chad tossed him on the bed and straddled his lover’s prone body. He began by running exploring fingers over Cameron’s scalp, face and neck; then lightly raining down tender kisses in the same areas. “Hmm,” he murmured. “Perfect! No work needed here.”

He continued his sensual attack, slowly removing the other man’s clothing. Words of assurance that this physique he loved was unflawed were accompanied by licks, nibbles and doting caresses. By the time he’d reached the pulsating erection, all signs of contention had receded. What remained was a young man begging for sexual release.   

“Don’t stop now,” Cameron growled. “I need more convincing.” His eyes sparkled with an equal measure of mischief and desire.

“Patience, Babe. I have no intention of stopping just yet. Give me a sec to get undressed.”

“Clothes are over-rated,” Cameron commented, watching his man disrobe.

Chad quickly stripped and stretched out next to his lover, taking him in his arms and resuming the task he had set for himself.

Cameron had sighed with pleasure when Chad lay down beside him again and willing turned into the older man’s welcoming embrace.

Another few minutes and both men were panting as the yearnings increased. Chad reached for the lube and hurriedly prepared the man under him for his invasion. Several hard thrusts and they were calling out their joint climax.

“Magic,” Cameron eventually managed to utter after he got his breath back. “Do I get to investigate your body next time?” he teased. “By the way, I’ve decided if you’re happy with how I look, I’m happy too. I trust you are as biased as you can be.”

“But of course,” Chad promised with a grin and got to his feet. Seeing the mess they’d made on the bed, He easily picked up the lower portion of Cameron’s body by one foot and smacked his Brat’s bare bum. “You win the honour of stripping the duvet off the bed and laundering it.” With that he grabbed up his clothes and walked out of the room laughing.

“Meanie,” Cameron responded and did as Chad had suggested. “I’ve got a job tomorrow,” he reminded his partner as he passed him in the kitchen while heading towards the laundry. He was still stark naked.

“I know; got it marked on the calendar, Mugs.” Chad watched his beautiful partner sashay by and pretended he was going to smack his uncovered butt again.

Cameron danced aside. “Have to be faster than that, old man,” he declared, laughter colouring his voice.

Chad merely chuckled with an amused shake of his head and, humming softly, went back to washing the dishes from earlier.


Cameron always got anxious before stepping out on the catwalk. He tried to distract himself by talking to the other models. He mentioned the documentary he had seen and one of his co-workers glanced up.

“Yeah, I saw that,” he announced.  “And I’ve had Botox before. It really works! My frown lines disappeared like magic.”

Cameron squinted at his fellow model’s face. “I can’t see it.” He shook his head. “I’m not saying they’re overly noticeable, but there are still some lines visible.”

The other man frowned, which made the creases even more noticeable. “You should talk,” he snidely replied. “Your boyish good looks are starting to age. Anyway, the only reason mine are starting to show again is because I’m due for another injection. Look, there’s a Botox party later this evening. You interested?”

“Botox party?” Cameron was confused.

“It’s a bit of a get-together where a few of us hang out and have a couple of drinks while a qualified doctor uses the Botox on us,” the model explained. “It’s a blast and a great way to reduce the cost.”

“Sounds good,” Cameron replied. “I’d like to come along.” The remark about his looks had rattled him. He suddenly heard Chad’s voice in his head, but he was pushed out as they were called to the catwalk. This was work he couldn’t be distracted in.

At the end of the show, he phoned Chad. “Hi, sexy; there’s a party going on. Is it okay if I go?” Cameron was almost hoping Chad would say no.

“It’s okay by me, Mugs. After all, it’s your night off. Try not to be too late. I should be finished at the pool hall and home by midnight.”


Cameron was beyond nervous. He was in a strange house with people he didn’t know very well. Plus there was someone claiming to be a physician, who was injecting his co-worker with a poison. Cameron hadn’t been overly worried until he saw the doctor down a couple of shots of a clear liquid that was definitely not water. He put down the bottle of beer he’d been playing with for the last half an hour and abruptly announced, “I’m out of here.”

He jumped into his car and made it back to Jade Heights in double quick time. He only got stopped once for speeding. He let himself into the house and waited for Chad.

Chad arrived home minutes after midnight and was pleased to see a couple of lights on and Cameron’s car parked in the driveway. Entering by the back door, he hung up his windbreaker and tossed his keys and wallet into the basket on the counter. After placing his cell-phone on the charger, he locked up and headed for the living room.

It appeared his partner had been back long enough to change into a t-shirt and flannel sleep pants.

“Hi, Mugs,” he greeted and sat down on the sofa next to the younger man, pulling him close enough to kiss his head. “How’d the show go?”

“It was okay,” Cameron replied and took a deep breath. “I wasn’t too truthful about the event that followed.” He glanced up at Chad. “It was a Botox party.”

“I see.” Chad slowly nodded while he mentally absorbed the confession. He’d noticed his partner’s slight agitation when taking a seat beside him and had found it rather strange. Cameron generally got antsy before a performance, not after one. “And did you happen to purchase any of the products being offered?”

Cameron shook his head vigorously. “Absolutely not! The doctor was drinking and I decided to get the hell out of there.”

“You made the right choice, Mugs. I’m proud of you for not letting your colleagues talk you into something you’d probably regret later.” Chad acknowledged just how difficult a task this could have proved to be when considering the pressures put on a model by others in the same line of work; especially given his Brat’s customary fixation on his appearance.

“Is there anything else bothering you? You seem a little uptight.”  Chad turned the other man sideways and began massaging Cameron’s shoulders in an effort to relax the tense muscles.

“Just the vanity thing,” Cameron replied, almost purring under the bigger man’s ministrations.

“Well, you handled that nemesis of yours very well this evening.” Chad saw no reason not to take the words at face value. “Come on, love. It’s late. Let’s hit the hay, okay?” He stood up and held out his hand.

“There’s one teensy- weensy issue,” Cameron reluctantly disclosed. “I might have been a bit eager to get home.” He sheepishly handed Chad the speeding ticket.

Chad frowned and read the slip of paper he’d been given. “Twenty kilometres over,” he groaned, re-taking his seat. “I’d thought we’d but an end to this type of thing, Cameron.”  

“I wasn’t really paying much attention to my speed,” Cameron admitted. “I just wanted out of there and back here. Not that it is an excuse.” Cameron was holding good to his promise about absolute honesty. A marvellous witness for the prosecution in this case, he was a devastating advocate for the side seeking vindication.

“While I appreciate your honesty here, Mugs; we’re still left with a dilemma on our hands. Right?”

“I just pay the fine. Problem’s gone?” Cameron suggested hopefully.

“Ya think?” Chad asked incredulously. He reached over and snagged his Brat’s arm, pulling until the younger man was face down over his lap. Yanking down Cameron’s sleep pants, Chad landed twenty rapid-fired swats on the unprotected backside and quickly returned Cameron to his seat on the sofa before he’d fully grasped what had just happened.

“You’ll also lose the use of your vehicle for twenty days, Mugs,” the older man declared, reaching over and gently wiping a stray tear from his Brat’s cheek.

Cameron was somewhat stunned. It hadn’t been totally unexpected but the speed had surprised him. “Ouch, that hurt,” he gulped as further tears threatened. Then he sat bolt upright, immediately regretting the movement. “Oh come on; twenty days,” he somewhat belligerently complained.

“I could always double it, Mugs.” Chad’s eyebrow rose as his tone became firmer. He’d never been big on back-talk.

“No, twenty days is fine,” Cameron quickly acceded. “It’s just the car, right? I’m not grounded or anything?”

“There’s nothing else, Mugs,” Chad assured his partner. He had understood the other man being distraught and wanting to get home as quickly as possible, and was willing to cut him a bit of slack. He stood up once again and after taking Cameron by the hand, began towing him towards the stairs.

“Is this my chance to investigate your body?” Cameron asked roguishly.

“Explore to your heart’s desire, my love.” Chad chuckled as they quickened their pace; both looking forward to all that could take place before sleep claimed them.

The End

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