Some Things Are Worth Waiting For

Co-written by: Jo and LJ

Cameron was unhappy. He was sick and tired of Chad spending so much time at the mine. He knew that the mine was important to his lover but did he have to be called in so much?

He wanted to talk his new idea over with him. He absently fiddled with the stud in his ear and suddenly grinned. Maybe he’d get it done and surprise Chad with it. “Man, would Chad get the surprise of his life?”

Chad locked up his Ranger and headed for the house. It had been an extremely busy month since the accident at the mine and he was exhausted. Thank God it was near an end and things were getting back to normal. Between Rob’s injury and the hold up on new parts for the damage piece of equipment, his days had been long and hectic. He’d been called back to the mine several times a week which was unusual and it had taken the time he’d rather have spent elsewhere. Dave, one of Chad’s seconds in command so to speak, had also been pushed to his limit. Both Chad and Dave were more than pleased to see Rob, the other of Chad’s lead men, return to work with crutches, leg cast and all. Plus, the damn parts had finally arrived today.

“Yeap, things are looking up!” Chad tiredly muttered to himself as he entered his home, his sanctuary. It was late and he knew his partner would already be in bed. He had not had a lot of time to spend with Cam, but planned to change that in the very near future. For now, he contented himself with being able to spoon around to his sleeping partner each night.

He showered in the guest bathroom so as not to disturb Cameron and then slid into bed.

“Cold,” Cameron muttered as Chad curled in behind him. As Chad’s arm came over to hold him tight, he cried out in pain. “Shit, Chad,” he said, now wide awake. “That bloody hurt.”

Startled, Chad sat up and switched on the lamp next to the bed. “What’s the matter, babe?” His quiet voice softly echoed his concern.

“My nipple,” Cameron said. “I had it pierced today and it’s just a bit tender. It looks so cool. Lon did a really great job.” He smiled brightly at Chad.

Looking closely at the small ring on his partner’s chest, Chad nodded sleepily. “Hmm, it does look good. I’ll have to be careful not to touch it. Hope I can manage that in my sleep.” He yawned loudly, turned out the light and got comfortable again. “Come on, Cameron, let’s get some sleep; I’m beat.”

“Sleep?” Cameron pouted. “How about ‘Hi, Cameron’, sorry I left you alone all day again. How about I make it up to you?’” Cameron always got grouchy and out of sorts when he was in pain, and the nipple piercing hurt more than his ear ever had.

Chad reached over and touched the lamp to turn it on once again. Propping himself up on one elbow, he smiled and patiently said, “Hello, Cameron. I trust you had a good day. Let’s see; while I was crawling around under a filthy piece of machinery trying to exchange a broken part with a new uncooperative one, you were working your shift at the lounge and spending time with friends getting your nipple pierced.” He was too tired to even smirk at the look of chagrin that passed over the other man’s face. “So, you were not completely alone all day, were you?”

Leaning in, Chad planted a kiss on his lover’s pouty lips and a firm swat on his backside. “Sleep! Now!” he ordered and turned off the light.

“It was you I missed,” Cameron said very quietly. He got up. He needed to tape some gauze over his newly pierced nipple and wanted to take some painkillers. His backside stung a bit from the one swat but he wasn’t really sleepy. He was a confirmed night owl when Chad gave him the option.

Chad sighed in loving exasperation, sat up and turned on the bedside lamp for the third time. He waited for Cameron to come back from the bathroom, having picked up on the signs of his Brat needing some one on one attention. Attention he would provide regardless of how tired he was. He slowly shook his head when he saw the bandage on his lover’s chest.

Holding out his arms, he softly invited, “Come here, baby,” and smiled when Cameron all but fell into his embrace. “I’ve missed you too,” he whispered as he breathed deeply the clean scent of the younger man’s body and rubbed his cheek against Cameron’s soft, recently washed hair. “I am fairly confident that our troubles at the mine have ended for the time being, so we can start making up for lost time. How does that sound?” He gave the man in his arms an enthusiastic squeeze and chuckled at the grunt it produced.

Cameron suddenly felt safe in his big lover’s embrace. All the uncertainty that he’d felt had suddenly vanished and he sighed in contentment as he listened to Chad. ‘Making up for lost time,’ he thought; his face lighting up. He looked up. “Can we fuck?” Cameron asked hopefully. “Now?”

Chad lifted Cameron off his chest and stared frostily at the younger man. Any amorous inclinations on his part were immediately put on hold. “I’ve told you numerous times in the past, Cameron, that I do not care for that vulgar manner you use when asking if we can make love. It cheapens our relationship. We are not role-playing at having a one-night stand in some sleazy hotel room,” he firmly scolded. “If you want to make love, find a more acceptable way to get your message across.”

Cameron blushed. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. He knew he had a tendency to backslide and also knew Chad had higher expectations of his behaviour.

He looked back into his Top’s eyes and said, “I’d really like you to make love to me tonight. Please.” As he said this, he ran his finger gently and so lightly down Chad’s chest.

Chad heard the sincerity in his love’s voice. “Hmm, much better,” he murmured as he began a slow exploration of Cameron’s body. Rolling over, he straddled his young lover, leaned in and kissed him deeply. He planned to take his time, giving and receiving pleasure until both their bodies were begging for release.

Half an hour later, as the two men relaxed in the afterglow of their love-making, Chad gently touched the gauze on Cameron’s chest. “We’ll discuss this in the morning,” he murmured sleepily and yawned.

It didn’t take long for them to fall into a well-sated slumber.


Cameron woke first the next morning. He stretched and managed to stifle the groan as the nipple piercing made itself known. He slipped out of bed. He knew Chad was really tired, so he moved quietly as he left the bedroom. He had become quite proficient in the kitchen. He set the coffee maker and began to take out the ingredients for pancakes. Served with back-bacon and maple syrup, he couldn’t think of a better way to start the day. He hummed as he mixed.

Chad stirred and leisurely stretched. It was the first morning he’d slept late in weeks and it felt good not to have to rush around to get to the mine and face whatever problem raised its’ ugly head on any given day. He grinned when he smelled the bacon frying and the coffee perking. ‘Yeah, it’s going to be a grand day,’ he thought and got out of bed.

He arrived in the kitchen just as Cameron was putting a platter of pancakes on the table. He stood and gazed appreciatively at the display in front of him. “I got to say, Mugs, you have really outdone yourself. This looks fit for a king.” He laughed when his stomach chose that moment to make its’ emptiness known.

“I enjoyed doing it,” Cameron replied, smiling. “Sit down, everything is ready. We don’t want it getting cold.”

There was silence as the two hungry men made their way through a mountain of food. Cameron was happy; he was finally going to get some quality time with Chad. He wondered if there was any chance they could spend most of the day making love. He grinned lasciviously at Chad.

Chad finished eating and got up to refill their coffee mugs. Then he sat down and watched Cameron clean up the last morsel on his plate. Pushing back his chair, Chad invited, “Come here, love, and bring your drink with you.”

Once his partner was safely seated on his lap, Chad lightly tapped the front of Cameron’s t-shirt under which lay the piercing. “I think we still have something to talk about, don’t you?” he asked. He chuckled at Cameron’s attempt to hide behind his coffee mug, took it out of his hands and put it on the table.

“I’d like you to take a moment or two to think about it very carefully, sweetheart, and then tell me the real reason you got that done.” Chad’s voice was caring and affectionate, completely lacking of any anger or accusation. All he sincerely wanted was to hear the truth behind his partner suddenly deciding to get some additional body art.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a while,” Cameron said slowly, leaning back and feeling incredibly safe in Chad’s arms. “I think it’s hot. You know when I was modelling I could never have done it. I remember the huge fuss there was when I had my ear pierced. I guess I decided to get it done to say once and for all, I’m not going back to that life.” He looked up at Chad and smiled. “So when I mentioned it to Lon, he offered to do it for me and save me a trip to the city.”

“All right then,” Chad nodded thoughtfully. He was willing to take Cameron at his word. Besides, it was not as if this was an issue they had previously discussed. “While I really would have preferred you talking it over with me first, I guess it is your body. Mind you, I also think it would have been wiser to have had it done professionally. A bit late to do anything about that though, isn’t it?”

Chad lifted Cameron’s shirt, gently peeled back the bandage and closely examined the newly acquired piercing. “I fully expect you to care for this properly, Cameron, because I don’t intend to. Here is a warning; if it becomes infected, it gets removed….no ifs, ands or buts. I mean it, Cameron. Put it under the heading of ‘if you abuse it, you lose it’,” Chad firmly informed his partner. “Now for future reference, if you ever do something so permanent that involves your body again, without asking me first, there will be trouble. Got it?”

“Yes, Chad,” Cameron said and another smile broke forth. “I’ll look after it, promise. It’s hot, isn’t it?" He looked at his partner, but before he could get an answer he bounced up. “What are we going to do today? Picnic? DVD? Sex?” He fired a volley of questions getting revved up in excitement.

Chad glanced out the kitchen window and smiled at what was the start of a beautiful, sunny day. Suddenly the pressure and stress he’d been under, due to the past month of rushing head-long from one project to another, slid from his shoulders and the relief left him feeling slightly light-headed.

He sat back to finish his coffee and quietly mused. “I’d like nothing better than to spend this gorgeous day on the lake. We could pack plenty of food, grab our fishing tackle, pick up half a dozen beer on the way through town, and be unmooring the boat by mid-morning. In fact, we may as well take along the camping equipment and make a weekend of it. What do you think?” He got to his feet and looked expectantly at his partner.

Cameron stood there, his mouth agape. A weekend with his lover with no interruptions; he grinned. “Heck yes,” he said. “That would be great. Perfect, in fact.” He leaped into Chad’s arms, confident his lover would catch him. He kissed him enthusiastically. “Put me down now,” he demanded a couple of minutes and kisses later. “I’ll make us a picnic and we should catch enough fish to cook tonight.”

Cameron, who had not enjoyed the outdoors when he’d met Chad, had been totally converted. He loved beauty and the area around Jade Heights was beautiful.

The End

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