The Shoot is Over!

Co-written by: Jo and LJ

“I can’t believe you didn’t arrange the shoot at the bloody mine before I arrived,” Cameron moaned. “And I can’t believe you want me to pose in jeans only, during winter in Canada. Hello! Does the word ‘snow’ mean anything to you?”

He stopped ranting as a man came around the corner talking to the representative of the advertising agency. “Wow! There may be advantages to this shoot after all. That guy is drop dead gorgeous.” Cameron was almost drooling.

“I am not opposed to you taking pictures as this is our slowdown period and much of our heavy equipment is not in use. However, I insist I be kept appraised of where your people are at any given time. Safety is my main concern.” Chad’s firm voice emphasized his stand in the situation. “First sign of trouble and you’re out of here. Is that understood?”

He glanced over at the small group of men and rolled his eyes. ‘Great! Just what I need, a bunch of city folk getting underfoot.’ Getting an enthusiastic promise of compliance, he turned on his heel and sauntered towards the office where his best friend would be waiting to patiently listen to his list of misgivings.

Cameron was bored. The production crew was taking ages to set up the lighting. He had changed into the jeans they were shooting and had to admit they were very comfortable and fit him in all the right places. He was wearing a shirt and parka, but had no intention of half-stripping until he absolutely had to. He looked around the large compound. The office where the handsome man had gone wasn’t that far away. Maybe he could indulge in some casual flirting. He idly wondered if the man could be gay, then dismissed the idea out of hand. How could someone working in a mine be gay?

Chad walked into the small building and over to the coffee pot. Pouring himself a cup, he stared out the window as he sipped at the hot, black liquid. “Humph!” he snorted. “It may be the end of winter but it’s still mighty cold out there. Definitely not the best time of the year to be going about only partially dressed.” He was grumbling mostly to himself but the other men in the room could hear him and they exchanged bemused grins.

“You think you’d like to walk around out there without your shirt on, Kyler?”

“I’m not sure, Uncle Kipper. I mean if it would result in a trip to the hospital and a chance meeting with a certain doctor, I just might think it worthwhile.” The younger man smirked and ducked his head as Chad’s large paw took a swipe at it.

Kipper Johansen guffawed at their antics. “Best you keep you mind on your studies there, boy, before Chad kicks you outside and provides you with an opportunity to find out.”

Chad’s grunt was the only indication that he was still paying either of them any attention as the big boss-man continued staring out the window and sipping his coffee as he concentrated on the young man breaking away from the group.

Cameron started to walk across the open area. He was not paying attention to anything going on around him. He was focused on how he was going to approach the man he was attracted to. He was praying that the man wouldn’t take offence. His infamous ‘gay-dar’ had pinged but it was by no means infallible. He had once been beaten up by a man he’d approached in a bar and would have been badly hurt had his friends not jumped in and helped him.

He reached the office and pulled the door open. “Hi,” he said brightly to the three men inside. “My name’s Cameron and I am the star of the shoot.” He was not really aware of bragging. “It’s bloody freezing out there; any chance of a cup of coffee?”

“Sure is. I’ll get you one,” Kyler offered, jumping up to do so. “My name is Kyler; this is my uncle, Kipper, and the big guy over there is Chad.” He grinned broadly when he realized whose awareness Cameron was trying to capture. “Good lookin’, ain’t he?” Kyler teasingly whispered as he handed the hot cup to their guest.

Kipper acknowledged the introduction with a friendly nod while Chad remained leaning against the window frame, but neither his expression nor his body language gave anything away.

“Hi, Kyler, Kipper, Chad.” Cameron sputtered slightly, totally caught off-guard. “Ah, yes, he is good looking.” He blushed when he realized he’d said that out loud.

Cameron suddenly grinned and looked through his eyelashes at Chad, assessing him carefully. He was even more handsome close up than through a car window. “Is the man-mountain available?” he teased, going for broke.

“Well, he’s single if that’s what you’re asking,” Kyler replied, ignoring the warning glare from his uncle. Kyler had often been admonished about his match-making tendencies where Chad was concerned.

Chad’s eyebrow shot up at the cheekiness of the question. The young man was cute but Chad wasn’t interested in providing entertainment for a visiting ‘celebrity’, so he turned his attention back to staring out the window and drinking his coffee. “Someone’s looking for you,” he announced moments later and nodded in the direction of Cameron’s manager rapidly advancing on the office.

“Oh crap!” Cameron muttered when he saw Henry approaching. “Looks like they finally got the lights and sound system set up, so it’s time to freeze my butt off.” He grinned at Kyler. “If you ever like modeling, remember it isn’t at all that glamorous.” He glanced over at Chad. “Ah, hmm…I’m going to be staying around town for a few days…think there’s any chance of us getting together for a drink maybe?” Cameron felt out of his league as he usually didn’t go around practically begging for a date. There were plenty of guys around who wanted him.

Chad eyed the young man with some misgivings and then thought, ‘What the hell!’ He nodded and capitulated. “Sure, why not…..we’ll talk again later.”

Cameron’s steps were a little lighter as he walked out into the cold. “Jeez, Henry, keep your bloody knickers on! I’m coming!” He started to unzip his parka in preparation for the shoot.


Two hours later, Chad got up from his desk and put on a fresh pot of coffee. “We’ve got a good grip on next month’s scheduling, Kipper, so how about you calling it a day?”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” his best friend agreed, getting up and slipping on his jacket. “I’ll leave you to lock up while Kyler and I head home. As soon as I locate him, that is.” His nephew was out doing a security check of the grounds.

“I’ll be a bit longer here; then I’ll get a bite to eat at the grille and meet you at the lounge around eight if that works for you,” Chad offered as he walked over to look out the window once again. He pursed his lips and shook his head.

“That will be fine,” Kipper answered on his way out the door.

“Uh-huh,” Chad responded absently. He was watching the on-going shoot outside and getting angrier by the minute. “That does it!” he fumed, finally deciding to step in and put an end to the unreasonable activities. He grabbed a heavy blanket off the back of an old sofa, stormed out of the building and across the compound.

Stepping up next to a shivering, teeth-chattering, practically turning blue, young model, Chad wrapped the blanket around Cameron’s naked upper-torso. “This ends now!” he bellowed at the crew. “If you haven’t enough photos now, you never will. I want this equipment packed up and the bunch of you off mine property in twenty minutes, or else.”

“Now look here….” Henry started only to be cut off by a pair of blazing blue eyes and a dangerously biting tongue.

“You heard me! You’ve been pissing around all afternoon, not giving two shits that this young man is damn near freezing. It’s done, finished and you are out of here. Now do what I say before a call in my men to pack up for you. They’ll be none too gentle so there is no guarantee your equipment will leave here unscathed.”

Clever enough to pick up on Chad’s anger and realizing he was not uttering idle threats, Henry instructed the crew to do as the big boss man had ordered.

“Where are your clothes, Cameron?” Chad inquired. Unable to talk, the young man merely pointed to the parka and shirt flung over the back of a folding chair that Henry had been sitting on. Snatching them up, Chad steadily steered Cameron back to the office.

Once inside, Chad turned up the heating system. Next he firmly rubbed his hands up and down Cameron’s arms, chest and back to get the blood circulating and warm him up. Finally he pushed the smaller man onto the sofa and shoved a cup of coffee in his hands. He waited while Cameron slowly sipped the hot drink and relaxed into the warmth it provide.

Quickly mulling over options in his head, Chad came to a decision. “I was planning to go into town for some supper. I’d like it if you could join me.” Getting a vigorous nod of agreement, Chad smiled, helped Cameron to his feet and back into his clothing. Turning down the thermostat, the boss man locked up and led the way over to his Ford Ranger.

It didn’t take long for the two men to arrive at the Maple Grille and find an empty booth to slide into.

Orders placed, they sat back and stared at one another. Chad broke the silence first.

“Why anyone would put up with the kind of work you do is beyond me,” Chad gruffly muttered, shaking his head in disbelief. He had a few questions he hoped Cameron would be disposed to answer. “Is this really something you want to do with the rest of your life, Cameron?”

“Not really,” Cameron answered, still shocked by the way Chad had stepped in. “I’ve been working since I was five so I guess I’m just used to it. It’s a living and pays well. I lived with Henry after my parents kicked me out at fifteen so he plays the guilt card every time I suggest getting out. Besides what else can I do?”

“Well, I take it you are over twenty-one, and that you are honest and prepared to work hard. If so, then I have a proposition for you; providing of course you are interested.” Chad stopped talking and waited for the waitress to pour their coffee. “Kipper, who you met back at the office, and I are co-owners of a rather classy pool hall, complete with bar and lounge. We don’t serve meals but on special occasions do cater in. We need someone reliable and trustworthy to, hmmm shall we say, oversee the place during the daytime hours when we are tied up at the mine. This person would be responsible for opening up the place for eleven o’clock week-day mornings, supervising whatever staff is on duty at the time, maintaining a running tally of the inventory on hand, and generally keeping an eye on everything until the shift’s end at approximately six in the evening. Monday to Thursday afternoons are usually slow and we are not open on Sunday. A supervisor will also be expected to report to Kipper or I and keep us abreast of what is happening. We’ve suspected a bit of pilfering over the last few weeks. Nothing major, but we do want to stop the slow bleeding before it gets out of hand. Think you’re up to it?”

Cameron thought it over. He was not going to jump in quickly. It sounded really appealing and this way he could get to know Chad better. It was so totally different from what he’d been doing most of his life and he was worried he could not handle it. He could open up no problem and keep an eye on things but supervising staff was not something he was comfortable about. He suddenly made up his mind.

“Yeah, I’m up for it,” he grinned. “I may need some training but I’m a quick learner. I promise I’m honest and a hard worker and I appreciate the chance you’re giving me.”

Chad nodded. “Great! We see about signing you up for the Provincial Liquor Servers’ Course as it is required by law for you to have one in order to work in a licensed establishment.”

A casual easy conversation lasted throughout the meal with the men sharing bits and pieces about their past and Chad providing additional information on Cameron’s new responsibilities.

The meal over, Chad handed a business card to Cameron. “This has all my numbers on it so you should have no trouble reaching me should you need to do so. I am at the bar most evenings; in fact, I am heading there now.”

Outside, Chad waved goodbye and called out, “We’ll get together tomorrow; the bar’s address in on the back of that card. Try to make it for ten in the morning.”

Cameron reluctantly said goodnight to Chad and made his way back to the hotel the advertising agency had booked for the participants in the jeans shoot.

“Where the bloody hell have you been, you little fuck?” Henry, his manager, was in Cameron’s face the minute he walked into the suite.

“Getting you the hell out of my life,” Cameron said calmly. He walked over to his suitcase which he had not bothered to unpack and took off his parka.

“What do you mean by that?” Henry's voice dropped dangerously. “You and I are a team; you’re nothing without me.”

Cameron laughed, but there was nothing humorous in it. He picked up his suitcase. “We ain’t a team, Henry,” he said. “You’re a bully and I was your favourite victim. Well, I stopped caring years ago and now it’s over. Go home and get the hell out of my life.”

“You can’t just walk out,” Henry blustered.

“Watch me,” Cameron retorted. Henry grabbed his wrist, but with little effort Cameron broke free and walked out into the late evening.

“Now what?” he wondered, as the cold wind cut through the shirt he was wearing. He took out his cell-phone and phoned a number. “Ummm…Hi, Chad; I was wondering if you had somewhere I could crash for the night?”


“Here you go, guys,” Chad announced as he slid two glasses across the bar. Feeling his cell phone vibrate, he stepped around the corner and flipped it open. “Chad Cavenaugh here.” He listened carefully, his brow furrowing. “Of course, Cameron; wait right where you are and I’ll come pick you up.”

Tuning to Kipper, Chad quickly informed him of his change in plans, told him he’d see him in the morning, grabbed his coat and headed out the door.

He pulled up in front of the hotel and saw Cameron walking back and forth, flapping his arms to keep warm. He rolled his eyes, wondering why the young man lacked the good sense to wait inside. Rolling down the passenger window, he hollered, “Toss your luggage in the back seat and get the hell in here before you freeze your balls off!”

Cameron just flashed a grin at Chad. He tossed his suitcase in the back and hoped into the front seat of the Ranger. “Sorry to bother you,” he apologized. “I just told Henry to fuck off and he didn’t take it well. So I got out and forgot to grab the parka.” He looked down and grinned happily. “At least I get to keep the jeans. One of the few perks of the job. Would you believe, I’ve got Armani T-shirts in my bag?” Again, Cameron was not aware he was bragging.

Chad drove closer to the curb and parked. “Wait here!” he ordered as he got out of the vehicle. He strolled into the hotel and returned in less than five minutes. “Here, put that on!” he instructed and tossed the parka at Cameron.

Not long after, Chad pulled into a gated community and drove the last house on the far side of a cul-du-sac. It was a small, cozy-looking home situated on a double lot with enough trees surrounding it to maintain an air of privacy.

Parking in front of the garage, Chad got out and indicated Cameron was to do likewise. “We’ve got a few things to talk over before I show you to room you’ll be sleeping in,” he announced as he tossed his keys on the counter and picked up the kettle.

“Look, I’ll search for somewhere to live tomorrow,” Cameron said. “That is unless you have any other ideas.” He glanced up at Chad almost shyly. “Look, I don’t want to lie to you. I really fancy you and from what Kyler hinted at, I believe you’re gay like me. But if you don’t want me, that’s cool. I just hope that won’t affect your job offer.” Cameron held his breath, hoping he hadn’t blown it.

“Our being gay has nothing to do with the situation we now find ourselves in.” Chad decided it now was the perfect time to lay his cards on the table. “Look, you’re a good-looking kid and all, but I don’t do either one-night stands or even brief affairs. At this point in time, we are merely employer and employee. You are welcome to stay here as long as you want but I expect you to pull your weight and do your fair share……such as keeping not only your room but the rest of the place reasonably clean and tidy. I trust that isn’t going to prove too difficult.”

“No, it’s won’t be a problem,” Cameron replied. “I’m used to living out of a suitcase so I don’t have that much. One thing my parents did teach me was how to be clean and tidy. That way I didn’t mess up their perfect ‘no child here’ mentality.” Cameron’s wry grin had no humour in it and his eyes briefly lost their sparkle. It didn’t last too long. He’d long ago decided not to carry a chip on his shoulder, life was too short. He smiled sweetly up at Chad. “I don’t do one night stands either,” he said, lying through his teeth. “And I could almost guarantee if I was with you, it wouldn’t be brief. But I can live with the employer/employee concept,” he hastily added, hoping his big mouth hadn’t already ruined things. “I want to pull my weight here. And I’m no freeloader so what kind of rent do you want?”

“Just do your share and give me my space is all I ask. Consider it part of your salary, if you wish.” Chad smiled at the young man standing in front of him. “Let’s get you settled.” He turned and led the way down the hall.

Chad had to admit it had been an eventful day. In a relatively few short hours, he had acquired a new employee and a houseguest. Cameron on the other hand was about to begin a completely different way of life. And at this point in time, neither of them paused to consider where this new path may be leading them.


The next couple of months were rather uneventful as each man quickly adjusted to the changes in their lives. As a rule, Chad worked five and a half days a week at the mine and was usually on-call the rest of the time. Either he or Kipper would take on the evening hours at the bar, working together on Friday and Saturday evenings when it really got busy or whenever there was a tournament.

Both men were pleased with Cameron’s work. He was proving reliable and becoming a valuable employee. They believed the young man was settling in just fine. That he was learning a new job and making friends.

On the home front, Chad and Cameron didn’t see a lot of each other. However, they had easily developed the habit of spending Sundays at home; puttering around, having meals together or just relaxing. Chad found himself looking forward to these times more and more with every passing week.

Of course, nothing runs smoothly forever. Soon or later, the unexpected happens and such was the case one Thursday afternoon.

Cameron looked around the bar and patted himself on the back. It had been easier than he expected, the petty thief had not been too clever and within two weeks he’d been able to report to Chad, who was stealing and how. He’d been accepted by the remaining staff after that incident and he was soon aware that overseeing the daily activities was easy when following the principal, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There had only been the one bad apple in the whole lot.

He glanced uneasily to the far corner when a loud, drunken laugh came from where some of the pool tables were set up. There were four men playing a game who were obviously drunk and Cameron was kicking himself for serving them. Chad had been very firm about never serving alcohol to already drunk patrons but it seldom happened during the daytime hours that Cameron worked.

‘They’re my friends,’ Cameron thought to himself. ‘I can’t say no to my friends.’ He glanced over to a pretty, young bar maid. “Hey, Jenny, can you take over for a while. I’m taking my break while it’s quiet.”

Jenny rolled her eyes and looked pointedly at the four men. “Quiet?” she responded in disbelief. “You call them quiet? Every time I go over there, I’ve had to avoid their groping hands. Not always successfully either. I’ll be sporting bruises tonight.”

Cameron saw red. He was not having anyone, friends or not, abusing the staff. He headed purposefully across the room.

“Okay guys, out!” he determinedly ordered.

“What do you mean ‘out’?” It was Lon the oldest and self-styled leader.

“What the hell do you think I mean?” Cameron replied. “Out means get the hell out and don’t come back anytime soon.”

“Are you barring us?” This came from Tom, Lon’s younger brother.

“No, not yet at least,” Cameron replied firmly “But you’re drunk and abusing the staff and I want you all to leave quietly.”

Cameron didn’t know who threw the first punch but before he knew it, he was involved in an all-out brawl. A couple of other customers helped him out and eventually the four men were forced to leave. Cameron’s face was covered in blood.

“Cameron, Cam, stay with me,” Jenny coaxed anxiously as she wiped the blood away. “I’m first going to call an ambulance and then Chad. That cut is going to need stitches.”

“Bloody hell, not a scar not on my face!” Cam was so agitated by the thought that when the ambulance crew arrived, they had to sedate him.

While the paramedics were caring for Cameron, Jenny rang the big boss man. “Chad, I don't want to worry you, but there was a fight in the bar and Cam’s been taken to hospital.”

Meanwhile, Chad and Kipper were putting the final touches on the new schedule for the lounge.

“Looks good,” Kipper mumbled, perusing the list once again.

“Yeah, hope everyone’s in favour,” Chad agreed as he absently reached to answer the phone. “Jade Heights Mining Corp, Cavenaugh speaking.” He sat up straighter as he listened closely. “We’ll be right there!” He hung up and turned back to Kipper. “Trouble at the bar, Cameron’s on his way to the ER and Jenny is on her own,” he announced as he shouldered into his jacket.

“You go to the hospital and I’ll go check out the damages at the pool hall,” Kipper offered, grabbing up car keys, cell phone and overcoat. “What the hell could have happened on Thursday afternoon, for Pete’s sake?” he grumbled under his breath as they headed out the door.

“Dave!” Chad shouted across the compound to his second in command. “Got an emergency; take over, please.” Confident he was leaving the site in good hands, Chad could now concentrate on worrying about Cameron. He was astonished by his almost overwhelming apprehension for the young man. When had he started to care so much? When and how had the young man wormed his way into his heart?

Chad arrived at out-patients minutes after the ambulance. He parked the Ranger and rapidly made his way to the emergency room and the nurses’ station. “I’m here about the injured man who was just brought in.”

The nurse was about to tell him to take a seat when the man in question called out.

“Chad, is that you?” Cameron thought he recognised the voice. “I’m over here.” He smiled up as Chad appeared through the curtains that surrounded the hospital bed he was on. “Hi,” he said smiling wanly. “I guess I let things get out of control. I’m really sorry.”

Chad looked at his young employee and eyed the dressing on his forehead. “You’ve been stitched up?” he asked, coming to the point almost immediately.

“Yes,” Cameron replied. “They said it will probably leave a small scar. That asshole, Tom, was wearing rings. I can hide the scar with my hair though.” He demonstrated by fixing his hair so the fringe covered the dressing. He became serious. “Look, I know Thursday’s are real quiet but I thought I could handle them. I guess I was wrong.” He looked up at Chad apprehensively. “Is this going to affect my job? I did know you told me never to serve already drunk people, but I didn’t realize they were as far gone as they were and besides these guys are my friends so how could I have said no?”

“Take it easy, Cameron. I haven’t heard all the fact yet. According to Jenny’s ‘Reader’s Digest’ version of events, you didn’t mishandle anything. Your so-called friends instigated the trouble.” As usual, Chad appeared calm and in control. Unknown to those around him, he was seething inside. How dare anyone hurt this young man! “I don’t want you worrying about anything. We’ll get you home, where we can talk things over after you rested and I hear Kipper’s take on the situation.”

Cameron had really enjoyed the last couple of months, especially the Sundays. He was learning to cook, never having even peeled a carrot in his life before. Last Sunday, he’d prepared a meal by himself for the first time. Venison stew and Chad had even had a second helping. Everything had been going fine. Even though Cameron knew he had a thumping great crush on his boss, he’d managed to keep it to himself.

He looked closely at Chad. There was something in the way he looked that Cameron had never seen before. It was more than care for a friend; Cameron was sure of it. Chad had patched him up often enough when kitchen utensils had fought back against his inexperience in using them, but the look on his face at this moment was different from those times. Cameron freely admitted he had verbal diarrhea whereas Chad was silent to the extent of being almost mute, so reading body language was a skill Cameron was slowly developing.

That evening found Chad and Cameron spending a well-deserved time-out at home with Cameron nursing one hell of a headache. The only thing making it all worthwhile was the hands-on care he was receiving from Chad.

Kipper had dropped by and it had been decided that no employee at the bar was at fault for the afternoon’s events, so the matter was laid to rest. However, everyone had secretly determined not to let it happen again if at all possible.

Chad sat on one end of the sofa, Cameron’s head safely resting on his lap. He was absently rubbing his fingertips across the band-aide on the young man’s forehead and coming to a final decision on an issue that had raised itself several times over the last couple of weeks.

“Cameron, I’ve got something to say,’ the older man brusquely announced. “We’ve known each other for going on three month now, and I think it’s high time we both spoke our minds and cleared the air so to speak.” He paused and glanced down to make sure his words weren’t falling of deaf ears. Seeing a look of expectation on his room-mate’s face, he continued. “I find I’ve started to care for you, in fact more than I thought possible. I was wondering if you’d be interested in dating some to see if something more that an employer/employee relationship was in our immediate future. And before you say it, I realize fraternizing with the hired help is frowned upon by most, our situation has been somewhat different from the start; what with us not only working together but also living in the same house.”

Chad cleared his throat. He smiled at Cameron’s expression of disbelief, readily admitting to himself it was the most he has spoken at any one given time since they’d met. He chuckled when the other man remained opened-mouth and rather tongue-tied for couple of minutes.

“But we only see each other on Sundays,” Cameron pointed out. “I work until six most nights and you’re always on call at the mine or looking after the lounge. I don’t see how we can do it. Not that I’m saying no,” he hurriedly added. “I’m saying hell yes but I’m not sure how we can work it.” Cameron sounded discouraged.

“Yes, I’m aware that our present working schedules interfere with us seeing a lot of each other, but that is about to change. Kipper and I have been working out a new timetable where the bar is concerned. Kipper’s sister, who has been our stand-by for the past several years, has requested some regular shifts of her own. As of next week, she will be taking over as supervisor on Monday and Tuesday evenings as well as during the days on Thursday and Friday. Your day-off is being changed from Saturday to Wednesday. Some of your new shifts will coincide with the times I work at the pub. Plus, we will not only have Sunday’s together but also three addition evenings a week. Having Carissa on staff gives us a bit more flexibility. What do you think of all this?”

“It sounds good,” Cameron’s voice was cautious. “Where does it leave me though? I was hired to cover those quiet times right?” At Chad’s nod, he continued. “So if I’m in when you are, am I changed to bar-hand? I’m covering during the day Monday and Tuesday as usual.” He looked at Chad, who nodded once again. “Plus I am on duty Thursday and Friday nights as well as Saturday all day? It’s just that if you and/or Kipper are around when I’m on, you don’t need a manager, right?” Cameron was not to sure how it would work.

“Well first off, Cameron, you were not exactly hired as a manager, as Kipper and I have always done the managing. You and Carissa will be shift supervisors when on duty. My business partner and I usually work in the office but are available should extra help be needed. You will have a slightly bigger staff the two evenings you work as we’re busier then. You are doing a great job and we felt you were ready for a bit more responsibility. Of course, getting home later on Friday means you won’t be expected to go in so early on Saturday, so you see there are a number of benefits all around.”

“Well, I guess if one of the side benefits is me getting to have more time with you, I’m all for it.” Cameron’s smile could have powered the national grid, it was so bright.

“Good! Then how about this coming Monday evening, we go out for supper and a movie?”

“Wow, a traditional date. Cool,” Cameron joked. “And you don’t drop me at home after because we already live together. I’m sure this is ass-backwards as it were.” He looked at Chad wondering how the new talkative man would take this piece of wit.

“There is some truth to that,” the older man laughed. “Although we don’t actually live together in the traditional sense, we do live in the same house.” All and all, Chad was pleased with the responses he received from Cameron and was looking forward to the upcoming change in their affiliation.


Cameron enjoyed dating. Being able to cuddle up to Chad afterwards was great; better than his dreams, in fact. The new schedule was working out well and they had managed to go out on dates or just stay home and cuddle quite often over the last several weeks. And of course, there was the time spent exploring each other’s bodies, learning their likes and dislikes as they drew closer together and fell in love.

Their relationship gradually changed to where both men wanted more than ‘just dating’ encompassed. Both felt ready to commit to a long-term partnership, promising fidelity to one another. It was time to share more than their bodies; it was time to share their souls.

It was also time to set the dynamics. Chad was a Top, plan and simple. He didn’t only top sexually, he made it known he would accept nothing other than being HOH in his own home. But how did Cameron feel about that?

Chad introduced the subject while the two of them were cuddling one night, having just watched a DVD.

“Well, I’ve done some reading,” Cameron slowly responded, “on the internet.” He looked at Chad shyly. “I knew I was looking for something different, I just didn’t know what.” Cameron ran his hand through his hair, rearranging it to cover the scar, which was hardly noticeable. “So from my reading, we sit down and make the rules. If I step out of line or break the rules, there are consequences, right? You don’t spank do you? I mean I’m not a child or anything”

“Actually, my love, now that you’ve brought it up; yes, I do spank. Not for every infraction, but definitely for the more serious ones such as endangering yourself or others; also for being dishonest in any way or under-minding our relationship. For those less serious, you can count on loss of privileges and extra chores. Temper tantrums will involve a time-out for you to calm down, quite possibly in a nice quiet corner.” Chad pulled Cameron closer and gently kissed his lips before continuing. “However, at no time will I ever want you feel less of a man just because you require a bit of guidance. Nor do I want you to believe you are admired and loved any less. In fact, the opposite is what’s true.”

“You know that’s so different from the way I was brought up,” Cameron spoke softly. “My parents didn’t believe in corporal punishment so they used to punish me by yelling at me and sending me to bed without dinner. I hated it. I was almost glad when they kicked me out. Henry just continued using the same methods. The only time I felt valued was when the camera shutter clicked.” He smiled and the tone of his voice changed. “Well that’s over and done with, and I don’t want to dwell on it. Many people had really bad abusive childhoods but I’m not one of them. Now I’ve got the kind of man I want and the kind of relationship I didn’t know I wanted.”

So the commitments were made and their life as a couple began. It was a memorable occasion that had taken place several months ago.

The End

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