The Model

Co-written by: Jo and LJ

“Fuck off, Henry," Cameron spat in the telephone. “I’m not interested in reviving my career. And how the hell did you get my phone number?” He listened for a minute. “How much did you say? Three thousand dollars for one shoot?”

Cameron’s mind suddenly flashed to the credit card bill he’d just received that morning. That money could get him out of a large hole and Chad never needed to find out about it. “I’ll think about it,” he told his ex-manager and wrote down the phone number Henry gave him. “I got to go to work now.”

Cameron started to walk to work, thinking hard. Once at work, he was so distracted; he served one customer rum and soda and another vodka and coke.

“Well, Kipper, another week under our belts and thank God it’s Friday,” Chad smiled at his best friend as he steered the Ranger towards the gate of the mine. “I like the idea of us getting some fishing in next weekend. I’ll talk to Cameron about it; maybe Kyler would like to join us too. After I drop you of at your home, I’ll go see how that partner of mine is doing at the lounge.”

Fifteen minutes later, Chad strolled into the pool hall and over to the bar. “How’s it going, babe?” he whispered in Cameron’s ear and gave the young man’s butt a discreet squeeze.

“Fine,” Cameron said, smiling brightly at his lover. “I got a bit distracted earlier and made a few mistakes, but I made it all okay.” He knew all free drinks got recorded, so decided to immediately tell Chad about his earlier errors. “Sorry.”

Cameron tried never to lie to Chad and ruthlessly squashed the thought that to get to the model shoot was going to require some major deception. He’d already called Henry and had been informed that the shoot was taking place on a Sunday. Cameron was trying to decide how he was going to distract Chad long enough for him to attend the shoot and make it home without his lover finding out what he had been up to.

“Thanks, honey, for telling me. We’ll just chalk it up to minor loss. No big deal, as we’ve all done something similar at one time or another.” Chad eyes ran approvingly along the bar and the shelves behind it. Everything was in place; well-stocked and sparkling clean. “You’re doing a great job, Cameron. And you’ve become a real asset to the business. Both Kipper and I appreciate all you do.”

He stepped back to give Cameron room to serve a customer. Order filled, Chad signalled for another employee to man the bar while he invited his partner to join him in the office for a well-deserved break.

Chad opened a couple of chilled cans of pop and handed one to Cameron before sitting beside him on the sofa. Leaning back to relax, he thumped his feet down on the coffee table and wrapped a beefy arm around the younger man’s shoulders.

“Kipper and I were talking about making a slight change in next weekend’s schedule. We’d like to go fishing and wondered if you’d be interested in joining us.”

Cameron loved these moments, just hanging out together and snuggling. “That sounds great,” he responded without thinking. “I love fishing with you and Kipper.” He looked up at Chad. “Are you going to see if Kyler wants to come as well?” Then he hesitated. “Umm, what day were you thinking of; Saturday or Sunday?”

“Actually, we were thinking of making a weekend of it. And, yes, we are planning to invite Kyler as well as his partners. Maybe one or both will be able to join us. Of course, all plans depend on the weather being in our favour.” Chad drained the last of his drink and reluctantly suggested, “Guess it’s time to get back to work, babe. We’ll talk about the fishing trip later, okay?” He tipped up Cameron’s face and gently kissed his lips.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ Cameron was not happy. It sounded like a perfect weekend and somehow he’d have to get out of it. The shoot was arranged for the Sunday and he didn’t see how he could sneak away, hike twenty miles and back again without being found out.“Yes, boss.” He kissed Chad back, his mood brightening. He’d meet that problem when he had to. Returning to the bar, he forgot his worries as he laughed and flirted with the staff and patrons.

It was after one in the morning when Chad put the last of the day’s receipts in the safe and locked it. “Okay, Mugs, time to call it a day and head for home. I’m beat and I bet you are too; it was a busy shift.” He steadily steered his tired partner out the door and across the parking lot. He practically had to hold the young man up while he opened the passenger door of the Ranger before helping him into his seat. “We’ll be in bed soon enough, love,” he commented as he ruffled Cameron’s hair.

Cameron perked up at that and his smile was positively wicked as he looked up at Chad. “I tired,” he admitted, “but not too tired to make love. Besides, I can sleep in tomorrow as I don’t have to start back until late.” He sighed, “As busy as tonight was, I reckon tomorrow will be busier. Oh well, at least we have Sunday together.”

A light-bulb went off in Cameron’s head. He wondered if someone might want next Saturday off, so he would be forced to work and could therefore avoid lying to cry off on the fishing trip.

“Not tired, huh?” Chad caressed Cameron’s lower lip and earned himself a loving look. “We’ll see how you feel when we get home.” With that, he closed the door and walked around the front of the Ranger to get in the driver’s seat.

Once home, Chad sent Cameron up to their room while he quickly locked up. He entered the master bedroom to find his young lover already in bed. “Well, that was fast,” he chuckled. “Did you rip any of your clothing?”

“No,” Cameron said indignantly. “And even I did, it was only one of those work shirts you insist I wear.” Cameron was a clothes-horse and had protested early on about the cotton shirts emblazoned with the pool hall’s name that all the staff had to wear.

He looked Chad up and down, his smile suggestive. “You’re overdressed,” he commented. “And I’m not tired at all now.”

Chad laughed at Cameron’s dig regarding the shirts he had to wear and gave his standard response as he began removing his clothing. “Like I’ve told you before, Mugs; if you don’t like the uniform, you can always look for another job.”

Once naked, he padded over to the bed and threw himself down next to his lover. “Come here, sexy,” he growled, reaching for Cameron and pulling him close.

Cameron flinched slightly, that comment hit a bit too close to home. “You know, one day, I may take that option,” he joked. As usual he gasped when he saw his lover naked. The big man was a magnificent sight.

Cameron snuggled in and began to softly nibble at Chad’s neck, while his hand started exploring his lover’s chest with a touch so light he could feel the tremors run through Chad’s body.

Chad rolled on top of his partner, supporting his weight on his knees and forearms, to kiss him passionately. Lowering himself slightly, he rocked his hips so the friction would stimulate their growing desires.

Grabbing up a bottle of oil, he rubbed some over his fingers before slipping one, then two into Cameron’s warm body. He gently stretched and prepared his young lover, making sure to graze the nub. When he felt Cameron was close, he raised his lover’s legs over his shoulders and smoothly entered him in one powerful thrust. He took Cameron’s arousal into his large hand and began to stroke it in time to the pumping motions of his own body. He zeroed in on his lover’s sweet spot and soon both were gasping out their fast approaching climaxes.

Once sated, Chad swiped a discarded t-shirt off the floor and used it to clean them up before turning off the light and spooning around the love of his life. “Love you, baby,” he whispered as they closed their eyes in sleep.

Cameron dropped off to sleep, fully sated and with a satisfied grin on his face.


Unfortunately, the rest of the week went from bad to worse. He found out his brilliant idea about working Saturday would not fly as Chad had changed the shifts. He stayed silent but it took all his self-discipline.

He met with Lon, Tom and his friends on his Wednesday off. Lon mentioned there was a big concert in Kelowna. After some discussion, he got Lon and Tom to promise to cover for him as another idea formed in his mind.

It was Thursday when he approached his partner. “Chad, I’m really sorry but I can’t come with you, Kipper and the others this weekend. I totally forgot there’s a big concert in Kelowna on Saturday. I really want to go to and yesterday Lon told me he’s managed to get some tickets so I can’t very well pull out now.”

“Hey, it’s all right, Mugs. We can go fishing anytime, but concerts are few and far between. I can understand you wanting to be with your friends for this event.” Chad smiled reassuringly at his partner.

“Thanks, lover, I knew you’d understand.” Cameron was relieved now that the thorny problem of how to get Chad out the way was solved. His transport to the shoot and back again was sorted. All he had to do now was something he’d done most of his short life, turn up and get photographed. Then collect the pay cheque and pay his credit card bill without Chad finding out.

On the Sunday, Cameron was picked up right on schedule and transported to the shoot. There was a bit of a fuss when he stripped to the waist and his nipple ring was exposed. The photographer said it was hot and would add to the photograph.

Cameron felt uneasy throughout the whole shoot. The nipple ring should only be admired by Chad, not a whole lot of strangers. It had never mattered to him before, but on the way back he made a decision. ‘Never again; I don’t care how much they offer.’ He spent the rest of the drive hoping Chad would never find out about it.

Chad was pacing the floor. He was unquestionably worried about his partner. He had made several phone calls and learned that Cameron had not attended the concert. Apparently the young man had other plans he needed kept secret from Chad and according to someone by the name of Lou, Cameron would be home shortly.

The sound of a vehicle pulling up in front of the house attracted Chad’s attention. He looked out the large bay window and watched Cameron get out, wave goodbye and sauntered up the walk to the veranda.

“Just where the hell have you been all day?” Chad questioned as soon as Cameron was inside. “And what’s this business of you not going to the concert last night?” His quiet voice was ominous and more than capable of sending shivers of apprehension down his young Brat’s spine.

Cameron jumped. The last thing he expected to see was Chad. “Fuck! Scare me out of a year’s growth, why don't you?” It was then that the tone of Chad’s voice hit him. He looked up, gulped audibly and lowered his eyes. “Umm, I went up into the hills,” he mumbled, deciding to stick as close to the truth as he could. “And I never really planned to go to the concert to being with.” Cameron did not expect that to earn him any leniency but it was worth a shot.

“Cut the bullshit, Cameron! I’m not buying it. It will go a lot easier if you tell the whole story up front rather than trying to cover it up.” Chad took his partner firmly by the arm and led him over to the sofa. Once seated side by side and facing each other, he demanded, “Start talking…..truthfully!”

Cameron gulped. Chad didn’t swear very often and when he did, it was never a good sign. “I got a phone call from Henry last Friday,” he started. “I don’t know how he got the number. He said the jeans company wanted me for their new campaign because I rated so highly last time. I told him to fu... umm, leave me alone.” Cameron looked up into Chad’s eyes. “Honest,” he said and took a deep breath. “When he said they’d pay three thousand dollars for a one shoot deal, I decided I could do it. I knew you probably wouldn’t be too happy about it so I arranged to do it without you knowing.”

Chad sighed and shook his head in loving exasperation. “Listen, Mugs. You have to learn to talk things over with me. True, I may not have liked the idea of you working for Henry again, but I would have supported your desire to do so by accompanying you and making sure you were safe.”

Something was missing, Chad was sure of it. He scowled his displeasure. “What haven’t you told me, Cameron? Why did you need that kind of money?”

‘Shit, shit, shit!’ Cameron thought he’d got away with that. He looked sideways up at Chad, noted the glower and sighed. Then he reached into his back pocket, took out his wallet and extracted the credit card. “I got a bill for this,” he explained. “I think I went a bit overboard.” He brushed his hair out of his eyes and the diamond in his ear flashed briefly.

Chad looked at the piece of plastic and then at Cameron. “I trust your latest modeling stint took care of this? Maybe if you have a habit of letting it get out of hand, you should consider either getting rid of it or leaving it in a safe place here at home. If you don’t carry it with you, you can’t be tempted to use it. Racking up a lot of debt is not the way to enjoy life, Mugs.”

He reached over and lightly patted his love’s cheek. “Do you feel any better yet, having ‘fessed up to everything?”

“Nope,” Cameron replied grumpily. “I was quite happy with you not knowing. That way my butt would be feeling a lot safer than it is at the moment.” Cameron blinked back some tears; he hated letting Chad down. He gazed at up at him and sadly admitted, “I hated every moment. I was a piece of meat. I don’t care how much money they offer, I’m never going to model again.”

“Whether or not you model again is up to you, Cameron. I would never stand in your way if it was something you really wanted to do, as long as you were safe, healthy and happy doing it.” This was said lightly but sincerely before Chad frowned and turned rather serious. “However, we have another issue to discuss. You’ve been far from up-front and honest with me lately. That presents a real problem and I’d like to know why you felt I was so unapproachable.”

“You’re not unapproachable,” Cameron said, somewhat taken aback. “I trust you with my life, but I knew you’d be unhappy about me using a credit card you knew nothing about and getting myself into so much debt.” He ran his hands through his hair. “When I saw a way to get myself out of debt, I just went for it. I’m not too good with money.” He looked up at Chad. “I’m sorry if I made you feel bad.”

The older man sat back, shaking his head and sighing. “Thank you, love, but I am not worried about you making me feel bad. However, your difficulty in handling money is definitely a concern. One, I think best handled by me confiscating your credit card and insisting on you showing me the statements as they come in until such time as we both feel you can give a better accounting of your spending habits.”

Chad paused and waited for a response. When none other than wide eyes and the ‘gaping-fish syndrome’ appeared, he patiently but resolutely continued. “Right now, I think the major issue we have to deal with is your repeated lying to me over the last few days. A lack of honesty has no place in a relationship, Cameron, and is something I will not tolerate. I try to be as straightforward as I can be with you and I expect nothing less in return. Do you understand what I am saying, Mugs? Is there anything you disagree with?”

Although aware that deceitfulness had not been a problem in the past, Chad was determined to nip it in the bud before it got out of hand. He loved this young man too much to allow something like this to damage their relationship.

Cameron closed his mouth and groaned softly. He didn’t think Chad would allow him to buy two-hundred dollar silk shirts or six-hundred dollar designer jeans. He bit his lip and looked at his partner, his eyes overflowing. “I’m sorry,” he murmured. “I know lying is wrong and I didn’t mean to be deceitful.” He cocked his head to one side, thinking hard. “Well, I guess when I think about it, I did,” he admitted, wiping the tears away. “I wasn’t thinking clearly at all,” he continued. “And I knew it was wrong at the time.”

Not letting the tears deter him, Chad simply announced, “Well, we’re going to take care of that error in judgement right now. Hopefully the spanking you are about to get will clear things up and convince you that deception doesn’t pay.” He looked with compassion at his partner as he held out his hand. “Please stand up, Mugs.” He pulled down Cameron’s shorts and boxers before settling him over his lap. “I love you too much to have let this pass without reparation.”

The first smack on Cameron’s bare bottom elicited a loud yelp of distress and was followed by several more swats raining down hard and fast as Chad got into a rhythm. A couple of minutes later, the spanking ended with Chad landing a final heavy swat to the underside of each cheek.

Cameron was always surprised how much Chad’s spankings hurt. The first one landing made him yelp out of surprise more than anything and then the pain started. He was already crying, so it didn’t take much more to cause the tears to flow freely and he felt no shame in sobbing as the pain steadily increased. He wondered in between swats whether his bottom was on fire as it sure felt like it. He didn’t try to escape; he had agreed to this. He knew he had done things wrong and after this spanking was over, he’d be forgiven.

Lifting and turning his young partner, Chad held him tightly in his strong arms. “Sssh, baby, take a deep breath. That’s it; slow, deep breaths. You’re going to be all right,” he cooed as he rubbed a warm hand over the shuddering back.

Shaky hands clutched at his shirt and a tear-streaked face buried itself on his shoulder. It took several for barely audible sobs to become ragged breaths and then finally give way to sporadic hitches.

“From now on, Mugs, I want us to be completely truthful with each other. Do you think that is too much to expect from one’s life partner?” Chad’s voice was kind and totally without accusation.

He felt safe in Chad’s arms, sore but safe. “No,” he hitched. “Not too much to expect.” He glanced up and whispered, “I love you.” He smiled wryly and snuggled in deeper. He didn’t often find it easy to talk about his feelings; it was only after a spanking when he felt vulnerable enough to talk openly.

Hearing the emotional exhaustion in his Brat’s voice, Chad decided a nap was in order before turning their attention to making the evening meal. He removed Cameron’s shorts and gently pulled the young man’s boxer up over his sore bottom. Stretching out on the sofa, Chad settled his lover beside him.

“I love you too, Mugs,” he murmured and lovingly kissed Cameron’s damp hair. “Sleep for a while, sweetheart.” After a few moments of rhythmically rubbing circles on Cameron’s back, Chad smiled at the soft snoring sounds emanating from the precious bundle he held in his arms.

The End

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