Agent Troubles

Co-written By: Jo and LJ

Cameron heard his cell phone ring as he logged onto the computer to check his e-mail. He glanced at the identity of the caller and immediately dumped the call. He looked at his e-mail and immediately deleted seven messages without looking at them. He even went into the e-mail information and blocked an address:

His old modeling manager had been trying to get hold of him for two weeks now and it was getting beyond irritating. Cameron felt there was an aspect of stalking about it and that scared him after his previous experience. He’d seen Chad looking at him intently recently and he knew his Top suspected something was up, but was waiting for him to bring up the subject. He sighed as his cell phone rang yet again. He dumped the call again and turned the phone off. He walked through to the kitchen where Chad was busy making dinner.

“I’ve got a problem,” he announced, looking into his lover’s eyes.

Chad glanced up from the crust he was rolling out for a chicken pot pie. He stopped what he was doing to stare into the wide eyes searching his. There was an unmistakable sign of trepidation lurking in his partner’s baby blues. “Why don’t you get us each a cold one, Mugs, while I finish off this and pop it in the oven? Then we can relax and discuss whatever’s on your mind, in comfort.” With practised skill, he gently pressed the dough in place to cover the meat and veggies, trimmed the edges, cuts steam vents and slid it into the hot stove. Next, he cleaned up the working area on the table and put the dirty utensils in the sink.

Accepting a beer from Cameron, Chad wrapped an arm around the younger man’s shoulder and steered him towards the living room. “Okay, Mugs, spill it,” he requested with a smile.

Cameron took a swig out of his bottle and fiddled with it. “It started a couple of weeks ago. I was at home and the phone rang. I didn’t bother with the caller ID and the person on the other end was Henry, my old agent. He said the jeans company was doing another shoot and wanted me again. I told him I was retired and not interested.” Cameron looked up at Chad. “I was polite, but firm; but not so the second, third and fourth time. Then he rang the lounge. I made sure I didn’t swear down the phone though and shock the customers,” he added with a smile.

“However, after that call; let’s just say it is a good thing your office is soundproofed and you were at the mine. Since then, the girls have been screening calls for me.” Cameron started picking at the label on the bottle. “But it’s all scaring me now. It’s like he’s stalking me. He even got hold of my cell phone and e-mail; he just won’t quit.” He looked up into Chad’s eyes. “What do I do to stop him?” he asked with desperation in his voice.

“That bastard is nothing if not persistent,” Chad muttered. “Henry contacted me several weeks ago, seeking permission to use the mine as a background for another photo shoot. Claimed summer would offer a different perspective. I told him to forget it. This is our busiest time of the year and I wasn’t at all disposed to putting up with him and his crew being underfoot. The owners supported my decision; especially when being reminded of the legal repercussions should an accident occur.” He didn’t add that he’d been given the impression that Henry was bringing in new models.

Pulling Cameron close to his side, Chad listed off a few options. “I think the first thing you need to do is change your e-mail address. We’ll also look into changing your cell phone number. I will be contacting Henry myself and telling him in no uncertain terms to back off or be charged with harassment. Furthermore, I plan to stop in and speak to Chief Barrett in the morning and ask his advice.”

Cameron blinked slightly. He wasn’t used to Chad swearing. It indicated that his Top was deadly serious. “I can do that, but it’s going to be a right pain to send my new e-mail and cell-phone number to everyone. And just because one person is being a bastard.” He leaned against Chad, breathing in the scent of his lover and suddenly feeling safe. “Thank you,” he whispered.

“You’re welcome.” Chad softly chuckled, not exactly sure what it was he was being thanked for. “Tell you what. Let’s plan a special activity this weekend; one of your favs, if I’m not mistaken. How does a trip to Vancouver sound? We can go shopping in some of those specialty shops you fancy. Kipper and Gaetane’s wedding is only three weeks away, and we both can do with something new. Nothing over the top, though. We wouldn’t want to outshine the grooms, right?”

Cameron bounced. Shopping in Vancouver; Chad was a genius. That would take his mind off Henry. “You’re Kipper’s best man. Do you know what he’s wearing? We need to keep in mind it’s their day, but it is summer too. I don’t think suits would work. Dress shirts and dress pants; understated elegance.” Cameron’s mind was racing. It wasn’t often he got to indulge his love of clothes.

“It is going to be a very small intimate affair with only ten in total, including the grooms. You know that Kyler is Gaetane’s best man, right? Come to think of it, Clarissa is going to be the only woman there.” Chad found the idea somewhat amusing. “The plan is a short ceremony followed by a private dinner at the Trillium Inn. Kipper and Gaetane are wearing dress pants, silk shirts, vests and ties. Like you said; understated elegance. I’m going to let you choose for both of us.”

“Yeah, Kyler told me about the best man thing. He was pretty excited.” Cameron looked at Chad up and down. His lover dressed well but Cam had always wanted the chance to buy for his man. He grinned at Chad. “Free rein?” he asked, his eyes dancing.

“I think I can trust you to use good judgement, Mugs.” Chad’s eyes were also twinkling as he envisioned turning his Brat loose in the stores.

They continued to talk over plans as they worked together to set the table and then throughout their meal.


Cameron put the lounge phone down and walked unsteadily into Chad’s office. He managed to smile at one of his co-workers and ask her to cover for him for a while. Chad looked up as Cameron entered. “Henry just called again,” Cameron said shakily. “I answered the phone without thinking. He says he got a signed contract from a couple of years ago that says I commit to at least three years of photo shoots for the jeans. I don’t remember signing anything like that ever.”

“Come here, Mugs,” Chad softly ordered. When the young man was close enough, Chad pulled him down unto his lap. He frowned when he felt Cameron’s body shaking.

Checking the caller ID, Chad dialled the last number and waiting for someone to pick up, while gently rubbing circles on his love’s back.

“Cavanaugh, here!” he brusquely answered the voice on the other end. “I want you in my office before the week is out, with that so-called contract in hand. You may as well bring your lawyer as I plan to have mine present.” His point made, Chad hung up.

The two men sat in silence for a couple of minutes, as both worked on calming down. “I don’t believe for one moment he has a legal contract, Mugs. It is a card he would have played long before now.”

Cameron laid his head on Chad’s chest and as usual, it worked to make him feel centred and safe. “I guess so. I usually read the contracts carefully. It used to drive Henry mad.” A faint grin crossed his face. “I wasn’t hot enough to be signed for long campaigns. Hot, as in popular, not as in looks,” he clarified. “What happens if he turns up?” Cameron enquired. “I don’t want to see him.”

“I don’t really expect him to show up here anytime soon. The man’s a coward, sweetheart. By the way, as far as I’m concerned; you are very, very hot in every way. Now, up you get before this leads to something we should save until we get home.” Chad laughed and patted Cameron’s hip. “How about helping me out with ideas for the double bachelor party? I assume Kyler’s told you about us combining the two.”

Cameron got up and took a seat of the sofa after getting a bottle of beer out of the small fridge for himself and Chad. “He mentioned something about it. Said we’re having it here. I don’t think it needs too much planning. We should just throw the lounge open for the night with balloons and banners saying ‘congratulations’. One I attended ended up with the groom handcuffed to a telephone post, really pi..... umm drunk.” Cameron grinned as he skated carefully over the part he’d played in that incident. “But I don’t see anyone doing that to Kipper or Gaetane.”

“Really? That drunk, huh?” Chad smirked as he unscrewed the cap on his drink and wondered how much of that particular story was missing. “We thought next Friday evening would be as good a time as any. Kyler told me he wanted to take care of the food and I was more than happy to leave that aspect of the event in his capable hands. Besides, I bet Clarissa is helping him with it. At least we’re not trying to keep it a surprise. Now unless you have something further to talk over, I suggest we both get back to work. We leave for Vancouver first thing in the morning and don’t need chores left undone.”


The week flew by and the timing for the party couldn’t have worked out better. The lounge was filled to legal capacity with folks dropping in to offer their congratulations. Kipper was well-known throughout the community and very well-liked, especially at the mine where he had worked for years. Those who had not yet met Gaetane, were anxious to do so.

“How did your trip to the big city go last weekend?” Kyler asked Cameron at one point during a slight lull. The two men were serving at the bar and filling orders for the barmaids working the floor. Chad was circulating among the guests and making sure the buffet tables were kept replenished.

“It was really cool,” Cameron replied. “I always knew my man would look great in silk and leather, and I don’t mean fetish gear.” Cameron’s eyes dwelled on Chad as he walked around. He was one of the few men Cameron knew who could carry off leather trousers without looking feminine or butch. He seemed totally unconscious of the admiring looks he was getting from both sexes.

Cameron grinned at Kyler. “I had to talk fast and in the end, I had to get some too. He said if he was going to prance around in leather, I had to do the same. I wasn’t arguing. And he looks really hot in only the trousers.” Cameron’s eyes glazed over a little. “Of course, we got some normal dress pants for the wedding so we don’t outshine the grooms. Now the credit card is maxed out.”

Kyler chuckled at the last statement. He was aware of his friend’s penchant for spending when it came to clothes. “Uncle Kipper and Gaetane took me with them when they bought their outfits. The store we went to was definitely not one I’d normally shop at; too fancy for my taste. We all ended up with shirts from the ‘Luxuria’ collection made from a soft Italian fabric of some kind and dark blue dress pants. Really suave, man. My uncles are a silver colour and mine is royal blue. I didn’t even look at the cost of them, but I’m sure the bill would have blown a massive hole in my bank account.”

“Chad let me loose.” Cameron positively beamed, remembering the fun he’d had. “I started slow, just checking out what was available. I saw the leather pants straight away but decided to work up to them. It was easy to persuade him we both needed silk shirts for the wedding and he looks good in a deep red colour. I talked to Kipper and he said they were in silver, so I decided Chad needed a darker colour. Once I had him worn down, I sprung the leather trousers on him. I thought he’d blow a blood vessel, but I reminded him that he said he’d trust my judgement. Once I’d modelled them, he decided to try them on. I almost jumped him there and then.”

Cameron looked over at Chad circulating and then slowly around the room. He froze when he saw someone enter the lounge. “Oh fuck! That’s Henry,” he hissed. “My old agent,” he clarified for Kyler.

Kyler had been listening closely to what Cameron had been telling him but he turned to watch as the man Cameron was referring to, sank down into a chair at a corner table. He got the impress their latest guest was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible by choosing the darkest spot in the lounge and Kyler wondered why.

Of course, he was also curious as to what was getting Cameron so agitated. “His being here is a problem, because….?” Kyler questioned his friend, making note of which server approached Henry and took his order.

“He’s been hassling me,” Cameron replied. “Phoning and e-mailing me; trying to get me back into modelling. Chad told him to put up or shut up. I never expected him to turn up here. Look, I don’t what to spoil Kipper and Gaetane’s party with a stand-up fight with him, so I’ll slip into the office in order to avoid that happening.”

Cameron managed to steal away without Chad noticing. He’d had a few drinks and idly picked up a local paper to pass the time. His mouth widened into a grin as he read one article entitled, ‘Man stuck on toilet’. He looked around the office and helped himself to an item from the desk; then furtively left the room.

He stood in a dark corner, watching his former mentor. He moved stealthily when Henry began walking towards the men’s room, in order to get there first. Working fast, he closed all the stalls, bar one. Hastily using the glue he’d pocketed, he liberally smeared it all over the seat of the toilet. He then went to stand in one of the empty stalls.

Cameron made sure it was Henry who entered the washroom and patiently waited until he heard the stall door lock and Henry sit down. He began laughing before he left the men’s room.

Chad hadn’t seen Cameron go into the men’s room, but he did see him come out a few minutes after Henry’s entrance. It was his partner’s gleeful expression that raised his suspicions. Suspicions that quickly turned the anger he was feeling at having seen Henry in the first place, to a feeling of trepidation. Exactly what had his Brat been up to?

It was a shout from the washroom that had Chad hurrying in that direction instead of waylaying Cameron. He found Henry in a rather humiliating position and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know what had happen or who was responsible for it.

“Help me, whoever’s out there!” Henry’s voice had a sound of desperation. “I’m stuck to the toilet seat and I know the little fucker who did this to me. I’ll kill him when I get my hands on him.”

“Quit your bellowing, unless you’re trying to attract an audience,” Chad ordered as he glared at the man sitting in front of him. “I guess you got somewhat short-changed in the self-preservation genetic material department, didn’t you? I told you to say away from my partner, so what are you doing here?”

Chad located the empty glue container and read the label. Fortunately, Cameron had used a water-based adhesive and chances were it had not fully set yet. “I don’t know what you’re panicking about, Henry. Have you even tried standing up? You’ll be a little surprised and a great deal embarrassed when you do.” With that, Chad slammed the stall door shut in the man’s face. He stood back and chuckled as he listened to his partner’s ex-agent moving around and cursing up a storm.

Several minutes later, Henry walked out and over to the sink where he continued cleaning himself in an attempt to remove the last of the glue from his rear-end and the back of his thighs. It only made him angrier when he tried to outstare Chad and failed. There was no way he could match the coldness in the mining superintendent’s blue eyes.

“You plan to tell me why you’re in Jade Heights and, more specifically, why you are in my establishment?” Chad’s body-language clearly indicated he expected an answer.

“I came here to show you the contract that little shit signed,” Henry blustered as he reached into his pocket, pulled out a piece of paper and waved it in Chad’s face.

Chad snatched the document out of Henry’s hand, held it up to the light and carefully examined it. “You didn’t do a very good job of doctoring the date at the bottom of this. It is not too hard to see the original one.” He turned a dark gaze at his Brat’s adversary, his eyes narrowing dangerously, and growled through clinched teeth. “You slimy weasel; you’ve been taking advantage of Cameron since he was just a kid. How old was he when you got him to sign this? Fourteen or fifteen, maybe? Either age, he was a minor and therefore this so-called contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”

Cool blue eyes continued to bore holes through the other man, causing Henry to start sweating profusely. Chad folded the sheet of paper and put it in his shirt pocket. “I’m going to give you a choice, Henry. You can walk out of here, get in your car and leave town. OR, we can continue this conversation at the police station.” He crossed his arms over his wide chest, glared down at the shorter man and waited to hear the agent’s decision.

Henry just snarled. “He’s throwing away a fucking fortune,” he muttered, shrinking away from the bigger man in front of him. “All right, I’m gone and you can tell Cameron,” he made the name sound like a swear word, “that I’m washing my hands of him forever.” Henry tried to stalk out but with some residue glue still adhering in a few places, his trousers were stuck firm. He let out a howl as they reluctantly pulled free, and almost ran out of the lounge holding his mistreated butt.

Cameron watched his ex-agent leaving and couldn’t stop laughing. “God, that’s so funny,” he commented to Kyler as he handed a beer over to a customer. He looked over to the men’s room and his laughter died when he saw the look Chad was giving him.

Chad purposefully walked over to the bar. Leaning over it, he tugged on Cameron’s shirt and whispered in his ear. “We’ll be discussing this latest bit of mischief of yours when we get home. Right now, I want you to clean up the stall you put glue in.” He gave Cameron’s cheek a light peck and calmly strolled over to where Kipper was nursing a cold beer and talking to a couple of their patrons.

“Oh hell,” Cameron muttered under his breath then shrugged his shoulders. Maybe the spanking wouldn’t be too bad. It might almost be worth it just to have seen Henry running out of the lounge clutching his butt the way he had. The merrymaking continued and Cameron once again got busy dispensing drinks.

He almost forgot what had happened as the party slowly started to wind down. He suddenly realized there were no well-wishers left and the grooms-to-be were saying their goodbyes.

Chad pitched in and helped with the clean up. All the members of his staff were very efficient and soon he was shooing them out the door. Only he and Cameron were left behind. “Okay, Mugs, let’s head out. It’s late and we still have something to take care of.” Once they were outside, Chad locked the door and led the way over to the Ranger.

He pulled into the driveway ten minutes later, shut off the engine and turned towards his the younger man. “Inside, change into your sleepwear and park yourself in a corner.”

Cameron hurried through his undressing. He pulled on his pajama pants and hesitated over the top which he only wore on cooler nights. He decided in the end to leave it off as he didn’t want to be over-heated. He settled into a corner of the bedroom and began to fidget.

Chad entered the room a few minutes later. The rest of the house was in darkness and had been secured for the night. He landed a warning swat on Cameron’s flank when the young man glanced over his shoulder. “Face the wall, please,” he requested on his way to the en suite, where he striped down to his boxers and washed up.

He re-entered the bedroom, sat down on the end of their big bed and studied the young man standing in the corner. Wiping a hand over his face, Chad sighed behind a slight smile and softly inquired. “Just what were you thinking, Mugs?”

“Wasn’t,” Cameron replied. “Thinking, that is. I just wanted to get him back for hassling me. I don’t regret it. He deserved it.”

“Hmm, and do you think you’d regret it some if he had laid charges and you had been arrested?”

“Probably,” Cameron muttered. He hated having conversations when facing a corner. “But it was really funny.” He thought for a moment and then sighed theatrically. “I know I shouldn’t have done it. I could have really hurt him. I suppose he should be glad I didn’t grab super glue.”

Chad rolled his eyes and shook his head as if to clear away cobwebs. “You should be glad of that yourself, Mugs. Although I doubt you’ll find the consequences of your actions anything to be ‘glad’ about. Come here, please.”

Cameron reluctantly turned around. “Come on,” he implored, looking at Chad. “Didn’t you find it the least bit funny?” He figured he might be fighting a losing battle but it was worth trying. Anything that might lessen the spanking he was about to get, had to be good.

“Not really. And while I understand Henry’s unexpected appearance pushing your buttons, I can’t help wondering why it never crossed your mind to just bring his presence to my attention. You are going to have to learn to think things through, Cameron, if you want to avoid being called on your inappropriate behaviour.”

“I didn’t want to cause a confrontation at Kipper and Gaetane’s party. I knew you wouldn’t cause a scene, but Henry would and he’d take pleasure from it. I saw an article in the newspaper about someone sticking to a toilet seat and decided it was a good idea. Course I now have this sinking feeling I’m not going to find it so funny after you’ve finished with me.” Cameron looked down pleadingly at his Top.

“I would not have allowed a scene to take place. You can trust me on that. Guess your brain is kicking in a little too late, Mugs. And you can drop the ‘sad-eyed puppy’ look.” Chad yanked down his love’s sleep pants and effortlessly flipped him over his knee. He softly stroked his hand over the white globes for a moment before lightly pinching one of  them. “Just one more time to be sure we’re both on the same page, Cameron. Why are you about to be spanked?”

Cameron sighed. He truly hated this part of the punishment. “I played an badly chosen practical joke on Henry by gluing his butt to a toilet seat,” he started. “And I didn’t come to you when I saw Henry in the lounge. Also, I didn’t stop to think things through. I could have got into serious trouble over this incident.” Cameron hoped he’d covered all his bases and mentally braced for the first spank to land.

With that, Chad began swatting the bare bottom. He unhurriedly covered every inch of Cameron’s backside with hard firm smacks, evenly warming the surface before picking up the pace. He steadily turned the white globes first to a shade of pink and then on to a deep red. At one point, Chad paused long enough to grab Cameron’s hand as it moved in front of his target. He also pulled the younger man closer and tightened his hold. A minute later, he ended the spanking with two extra hard swats on each cheek.

He released the hand he’d been holding and gently tousled his love’s hair while running a soothing hand over the sobbing man’s back. “It’s over, Mugs. You’re going to be all right.” It took several moments for Chad’s loving mantra to be heard.

It was a bad spanking and about what Cameron had expected. He hadn’t meant to move his hand to protect his butt, but it hurt so much. As he slowly began to realize that the spanking had stopped, he managed to stop sobbing but tears still ran down his face. He was going to feel this punishment for quite a while to come. He lay over Chad’s knee, too spent to move and just listened to his Top’s comforting voice.

Chad pulled his partner upright in order to hold him on his lap. “You okay, love?” He spoke softly against Cameron’s hair. “The slate is wiped clean. We’re good.” He continued rubbing reassuring circles on the younger man’s back.

“Sore,” Cameron hiccupped into Chad’s chest. “But you know that already. I’m glad we’re good.”

“Yeah, I know, Mugs.” Chad murmured, then stood up and set Cameron on his feet in one smooth move. With one hand, Chad pulled down the almost weightless summer blanket on the queen-size bed while keeping the other resting lightly on his partner’s shoulder. He hugged him tightly and kissed him before settling them both in bed.

Chad smiled when he felt Cameron wiggling to get comfortable before stretching out beside him. Chad’s instinct to care for and protect the love of his life caused his heart to swell. It was as familiar and compelling as always. He slowly rocked the man now snuggly wrapped in his arms and whispered against the head tucked under his chin. “I love you, sweetheart. Don’t ever forget that.”

“Never do,” Cameron replied, his voice sleepy. “I love you too.”

They lay cradled in the dark, cooled by a light breeze blowing in from the opened window. Cameron soon fell asleep after flinging one arm across his Top’s waist.

While his precious Brat slept, Chad remained awake to enjoy the feel of the slightly smaller man’s body nestled against his own. For several minutes, he gently stoked Cameron’s back and listened to the crickets singing outside. With one last kiss to the top of Cameron’s head, Chad finally closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The End

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