Body Painting Aftermath for Cameron

Co-written By: Jo and LJ

The altered version of William Blake’s poem was written by Jay. Thanks, Jay, it’s perfect.

Tiger, tiger burning bright,
Glowing red your buns so tight,
A forceful hand against your thigh
Has dealt with public nudity.

Chad still had his cell phone to his ear when he jumped into the Ranger. “I’m on my way!” he shouted over the noise of his revving engine, then snapped the phone shut and tossed it on the passenger seat. He drove past the mine’s security guard at the gate and headed out on the road leading to town. He so wanted to drive faster but forced himself to stick as close to the speed limit as possible. He slammed the palm of his hand against the steering wheel in pure frustration.

His Brat had been arrested. Cameron and his friends had been apprehended in the park. Chad was still trying to get his mind around the idea of his partner being nude in a public place.

He grabbed a blanket off the back seat and was running up the walk to the police station just as Vincent was walking out. The shopkeeper was holding his young partner firmly by the arm. Chad and Vincent’s eyes met; Vincent rolled his and shook his head.

Chad did a double take as they walked by. Kadyn was wearing nothing more that an oversized T-shirt with the candy shop’s logo on it, and sneakers. Both legs and one arm painted a bright royal blue had attracted Chad’s attention, but it was the face of an alien painted on the back of Kadyn’s head that had momentarily caused Chad to stop in his tracks.

“What the hell!” Chad muttered as he made his way into the building. He was almost afraid to think about what awaited him. “Hello, Chandi. I’m here to pick up Cameron,” he announced as he approached the Chief of Police.

Minutes later, Cameron looked up as Officer Quincy entered the room. He sighed and glanced briefly at Kyler when his name was announced. “Good luck,” he mumbled to his friend as he got to his feet.

He padded out into the main foyer of the station. He was steadfastly looking at the floor. Being stark naked didn’t faze him, but he was nervous of Chad’s reaction. His body, face and hair were still bright orange with the black tiger stripes. He eventually looked up at Chad and smiled weakly. “Surprise!”

Chad didn’t return the smile. Nor did he speak. He merely indicated by the twirling of his finger, for Cameron to turn a fully circle.

“Just want I always wanted,” he grumbled, “a tiger.” He handed over the blanket. “Cover up,” he sternly ordered. “I’ve promised the Chief you’d be in first thing Monday morning to pay your fine and that you’ll be available to do your community service next weekend. Now say goodbye to the officers and let’s get out of here.”

Chad nodded at Chandi and Paul, turned on his heel and walked out of the station. He fully expected his Brat to be right behind him.

Cameron meekly wrapped the blanket around himself. “Goodbye, gentlemen,” he mumbled and followed Chad out of the station. He headed to the passenger side of the Ranger. “I feel so stupid in this blanket,” he moaned. “It’s hot and itchy.” He quailed slightly under the look Chad gave him and silently climbed into the truck. He decided on the way home that silence was his best defense.

Walking through the back porch, Chad quickly led the way into their kitchen where he tossed his keys on the counter and turned survey the sight in front of him. He watched as Cameron shuffled uncomfortably under his gaze.

Chad couldn’t hold it back any longer. His formidable façade cracked and he began to laugh uproariously. It took him several minutes to get himself under control enough to speak. “You’ve pulled some outlandish stunts since we’ve been together, Mugs, but this wins hands down.” He wiped the tears of mirth from his eyes and chuckled at the stunned expression on his love’s colourful face.

Cameron grinned uncertainly. “You’re not mad at me?” he asked, cocking his head sideways and eyeing his laughing partner. He let the blanket go, giving Chad the full impact of his body art.

Chad smiled his admiration of the artwork. “Not as far as the painting is concerned, my little tiger; however, the illegal aspects of your day are another matter. What happened, babe? What’s with the body painting? How did the bunch of you end up breaking the law and getting arrested?”

“It started with Billy and Jason surfing the net and finding some body painting sites. They dropped by the lounge and asked if I’d ever done it. It kind of escalated from there. A bunch of us thought we’d get painted and surprise our partners. We had a little too much to drink and at some point, Kadyn and Kyler started talking about a calendar. Someone, I think it was me, didn’t think a bunch of naked men in a calendar would sell to good. I can’t remember who said we should do some market research, but we went out to ask the locals whether they’d be interested.” Cameron paused long enough to catch his breath and look up at Chad to see how the big guy was taking all this.

Seeing a calm expression on his Top’s face, he plunged ahead. “It seemed like a good idea at the time. We didn’t think there would be so many people in the park. Honest! We got arrested for being a public nuisance. The police chief said we could have been charged with indecent exposure and that can carry jail time.” Cameron shuddered slightly as he realized just how close he’d been to serious legal trouble.

“I guess you know by now that you certainly succeeding in surprising me. As for the calendar; heck, I would buy one. I’d rather see you posing for that, than plastered over the front page of the local newspaper; which could have happened had the police not moved you guys out of the park as quickly as they did.”

Chad stood back and took his time carefully studying the artistry covering his partner’s body. “Uh-huh, I like it,” he softly commented. “I hope someone took lots of pictures. I’d be very interested in seeing how all of you turned out. Of course, I’m sure I’ll like my ‘tiger’ best.” He grinned suggestively. “I’ve never made love to a ‘tiger’ before.”

Cameron grinned back. “The paint should last long enough. I have to shower to get rid of it.” His stomach suddenly rumbled. “I guess another part of me has taken the ‘tiger’ role too much to heart,” he joked.

“Then feeding the beast will be next on our agenda. After which, you and I are going to have a serious discussion about breaking the law.” A stern expression once again took the place of the light-hearted one while Chad waited for his words to sink in.

Cameron wasn’t surprised. He knew he was going to have to pay for streaking through the park.

The two of them made a stir-fry together, with Cameron just tying an apron on to protect his vulnerable parts. He thought Chad would like to see the body art as long as it lasted. After all, it had been done for his lover's benefit.

Cameron ate his full. He was hungry and an impeding punishment had never affected his appetite. As they put the dishes into the dishwasher, he turned to Chad and now that the time had come, nervously inquired, “Where do you want to talk?”

“I think we should take this into the study, Mugs.” They were rarely in this room together. Although it had never been formally discussed, for some reason it always seemed to be Chad’s personal space for when he had paperwork to do at home for either the mine or the lounge. It was a fair-size room and spoke strongly of Chad’s personality and tastes. Besides the dark mahogany desk and worn, comfortable leather furniture, there was a wall-to-ceiling bookcase containing numerous books on Geology and Business. As a rule, Cameron would know they were in for a serious discussion when it took place in Chad’s study.

Chad sat down on the large leather sofa and waited for Cameron to join him. Turning to face the younger man, he patiently began to talk about the afternoon’s activities. “Like I said earlier, Mugs, I have no trouble with you being naked with a small group of guys doing the same, nor with the body painting or even the drinking. It’s that the drinking seems to have numbed the brain cells responsible for making proper choices and caused you to think that a public display was acceptable. It isn’t! As you found out, streaking is illegal. The ramifications could have been so much worse. Chandi really went easy on the bunch of you. How would you feel had you ended up in front on a judge and were sentenced to jail time?”

“Really bad,” Cameron responded in a small voice. “We .... I didn’t think about that. It was just supposed to be a laugh. We didn’t think of it as streaking. Well I didn’t anyway. I think I drank too much. Strike that. I know I drank too much.” He looked at Chad. “Does it help if I say I’m sorry?”

“Some; I know you’re sorry, Mugs, and I know you feel bad. But I also know that I wouldn’t want to live even for a short period of time with me here at home and you in a jail cell. You are going to have to drink more responsibly; learn your limit so you don’t exceed it. I will never accept over indulging as an excuse for unacceptable behaviour. We both decided to live a certain lifestyle and we have expectations of each other, don’t we?”

“Yes,” Cameron replied with a sigh. “I don’t usually drink so much,” he pointed out truthfully. “I just got carried away. But as you said, that’s no excuse. Give me some credit for not wanting to be in a jail cell any more than you want me to be,” Cameron protested.

Chad raised an eyebrow at his partner’s tone. “Have I said anything that gives you cause to insinuate I thought you wanted to be in jail, Cameron?” He spoke very quietly, his voice the sternest it had been since getting his partner from the police station.

Cameron’s eyes opened wide as he quickly thought over what he’d said. “No,” he spluttered. “You don’t want me in jail and I don’t want to be there.” His blue eyes lifted and locked with Chad’s as tears starting to track down his face. He hated it when Chad was angry with him.

Pulling the younger man into his arms, Chad affectionately murmured against the mop of orange hair. “All right, Mugs. We’re going to take care of this and get past it.” He gave Cameron a hug of encouragement, sat back and hauled him face-down over his lap.

Resting his hand on the readily accessible target, Chad waited a few moments for his partner to settle. “Cameron, you’re getting this spanking because you disobeyed a legal statute. Laws are in place to protect people. Breaking them is never acceptable. It is never to happen again.” Chad scolded as he soothingly rubbed his large, calloused hand over the two orange and black striped globes in front of him. “This time, I am using my hand only. But if it ever happens again, young man, the hairbrush will come into play. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir.” Cameron’s eyes widened at the word ‘hairbrush’. Chad never used anything but his hand and up until this moment, it had never occurred to Cameron that his Top would ever change his method.

Chad began the punishment with slow, soft strokes which steadily increased in tempo and firmness. Cameron’s bare bottom turned from a light pink shade to a deep rose and then to a beet red. Chad tightened the grip he had on his Cameron’s waist to curtail as much of the squirming as possible.

Cameron tried to remain stoic, but as his butt began to burn, he cried out in pain. Then he started to cry, struggling in an attempt to escape the punishing spanks. Finally, he went limp and just sobbed.

When he was sure the lesson had been learned, Chad ending the spanking with two extra hard swats on Cameron’s sit-spot. Then he began the process of calming his precious Brat, using the familiar litany that Cameron always responded to.

Cameron slowly relaxed once he realised the spanking was over. He listened to Chad as his sobs tapered off, leaving him sniffling and hiccupping. “Red and orange clash, you know,” was all he could manage to say.

Chad chuckled and move to lie down on the sofa, tugging Cameron along with him. Relaxing with his head on the armrest, he held his love securely on top of him. He smiled and looked down at him, then gently kissed his forehead. They stayed like that for a long time, quietly reconnecting. The only sounds were Cameron’s occasional hiccups. It felt so good to be lying here like this; peaceful and comforting.

Cameron was in his favourite place; Chad’s arms. His hand crept downward and he began to gently stroke his lover. “If you want to make love to a tiger, we’d better head for our bed before this tiger has to change his stripes.”

The End

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