Guitar Blues

Co-written by: Jo and LJ

Cameron was royally pissed off. He was sitting in front of his computer, logged onto his internet banking site and looking at his balance. This was the second week his pay had been docked due to the ‘blue piss’ incident. What made it worse; was the six men had come in late last night and by the time they’d left, Cameron had worked almost an extra hour. Chad had been held up at the mine with some malfunctioning machine, so hadn’t been there to enforce closing time.

His eyes skipped over his low general account and he checked his Registered Retirement Savings Plan which held most of the money he’d earned from his modeling days. It hadn’t been very much affected by the financial crisis, but he knew he was in for the long haul, so wasn’t too worried about it. He noted in passing that his credit card balance was finally at zero, but that wouldn’t help him if he wanted to make a major purchase as Chad would want to know where the money had come from.

He checked his Facebook and became engrossed in talking to his on-line friends. One of them directed him to the Les Paul guitar site and he all but drooled over the ‘Slash Appetite’ Les Paul, noting it cost almost five thousand dollars.

“That’s cheap for an original Les Paul,” he commented to himself. Cameron had been playing guitar since he was young. It had kept him amused while waiting for lighting and set-up to be done. He was still absorbed in the internet when Chad arrived home.

Chad removed his dusty boots in the back porch and hung his hard hat on the hook behind the door. He could hear the faint sounds of a keyboard in use as he entered the kitchen, so he headed down the hall and into the study.

He hadn’t meant to startle his partner and couldn’t help the grin when Cameron jumped at the touch of a hand on his shoulder.

“Must be pretty riveting stuff on there, Mugs,” Chad casually remarked, smiling down at the man looking up at him.

Cameron grinned at his Top, jumped up and kissed him. “Pretty interesting,” he replied. “Evan sent me the address for the Les Paul guitar site. Look at that beauty.” He showed Chad the picture he had downloaded. “It’s really cheap for a Les Paul, only forty-five hundred. I’ve always wanted a one.” He studied his partner, trying to read the big man’s expression.

“The chances of that particular dream seeing the light of day anytime soon are slim at best,” Chad mused as he bent slightly to check out the instrument on the screen. “Saving has never really been one of your strong suits, sweetheart. Besides, you already have a pretty darn nice guitar. At least, it sure sounds good to me.”

He dropped a kiss on the younger man’s head to take the sting out of his words. He knew Cameron was disappointed, but also knew a Les Paul was well out of his partner’s financial reach. “Log off, Mugs, and come help me make supper. I’ll light up the barbeque and grill a couple of steaks if you’ll throw together a salad.”

Cameron logged off after a last lingering look at the guitar. He’d guessed what Chad would say, but he was slightly put out at the comment about his inability to save.

He chopped up vegetables to form the salad and began making his patented salad dressing in a screw top jar with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. “I checked my credit card on-line this afternoon,” he called out so Chad would hear him from the back deck where he was cooking. “It’s got a zero balance. That means I have five thousand dollars at my disposal.”

Chad chuckled softly and shook his head. When his love got an idea into his head, he was nothing if not tenacious. “Yes, I know. For someone who used to keep his card maxed-out, you done a great job getting it under control these last few months. The price of that guitar was in US funds; with exchange, customs fees, taxes, shipping and handling added on, you’d be well over your credit limit. Then there would be the astronomical interest charges. Do you really think it would be worth it, Mugs?” Chad asked, walking into the house and placing the barbequed steaks on the table.

“Guess not,” Cameron muttered somewhat reluctantly, but his agreeing didn’t mean he no longer wished for the guitar. ‘Maybe something will turn up,’ he thought, mentally crossing his fingers.

The two men were pretty silent as they ate their meal and after doing the dishes, they curled up together in their favourite chair. Cameron began to idly play with Chad, slowing pushing all his sexual buttons.

The older man smiled and relaxed, allowing his partner free reign as Cameron began undoing the buttons on his shirt. He sighed when his young lover lightly ran his fingers through the mat of hair covering his chest, then moaned as one nipple was drawn into a warm, moist mouth.

Cameron smirked when he heard the moan. His fingers came up and began to fondle the other nipple while he gently bit down on the one in his mouth before licking it better. He disengaged from what he was doing and slowly started to butterfly kiss down Chad’s body. His hands were nimbly tracing his lover’s chest and sides. He wanted this to last, so he concentrated his efforts above the waist, pretending to ignore what was happening lower.

Chad enjoyed the slow exploration of his body for several minutes before shifting just enough to assist with the removal of his clothing. Then through half-opened eyes, he watched with appreciation as Cameron striped down to his birthday suit. It was usually at this point when Chad would take over, but this time he gave his lover a lazy grin to indicate it was all in the younger man’s hands and to go for it.

Cameron just grinned back, his eyes sparkling with mischief. He snagged a bottle of lube and liberally coated Chad’s erect member. He was in absolutely no hurry and his laughter rang out as Chad demanded he stop teasing him. “Turn about is fair play,” he pointed out as he poured more lube into his hand and began to prepare himself, making sure Chad got an eyeful. Then he straddled his lover and slowly lowered himself onto the hardened shaft. Like everything else he’d done, he took his time.

Once Chad was sure his lover was comfortably positioned, he removed his hands from Cameron’s hips and smiled. “You’ve set the pace so far, Mugs; just keep going.” Although fully aroused, Chad knew he was capable of prolonging an orgasm much longer than his younger partner could.

Cameron steadily sped up, a slight sheen of sweat on his face. Then he slowed down and began varying the pace in an attempt to delay climaxing for as long as possible. Finally he picked up the tempo again. His entire body stiffened and he came hard, crying out Chad’s name as he did so.

Chad groaned as his butt lifted off the chair a bit in an effort to meet Cameron’s final downward motion. One last powerful thrust into the passage tightening around him, took him over the edge and he shot his semen deep inside his lover’s body. Both men collapsed and lay panting as they gradually recovered from their mind-blowing orgasms.

Several minutes passed before Chad quietly suggested they clean themselves up. He didn’t get an answer. Instead, he heard light snoring sounds coming from the man lying on top of him.

‘What the hell,’ he thought. ‘Showering can wait.’ Reaching behind his head, he dragged a throw off the back of the recliner and covered them. Seconds later, he too was sleeping soundly.


It was later in the week when Cameron stopped by the post office to pick up the mail stuffed into their personal box. Most of the letters were usually for Chad, but today he found one from the bank addressed to him. He walked into the lounge and started his shift. While all was quiet, he opened the envelope and there staring at him, was a brand new credit card. He quickly read the letter accompanying it and whistled when he saw his limit had increased to seventy-five hundred dollars.

His mind flashed immediately to the Les Paul guitar he’d seen online. He’d been pestering Chad almost non-stop about how reasonably priced it was, but his Top had flatly refused to see his point of view. Cameron had backed off once Chad told him to or else. He knew when Chad was nearing the end of his tether.

His shift had never seemed so long. He greeted Chad enthusiastically when his partner arrived but was less than pleased when the six men he’d pulled the ‘blue piss’ prank on, sauntered in. Closing time had just passed, and Cameron was praying Chad would come out of the office and make the troublemakers leave.

Chad logged off the computer and tidied up the desk. He stood up and stretched out the kinks in his back and shoulders. Then he turned out the light and he left the office, locking the door behind him. He shook his head when he walked into the lounge and saw customers still playing pool in the private room. He didn’t blame his staff for getting fed-up.

“All right, boys, this is the third consecutive evening I’ve had to kick you out after close. I warned you last night what would happen and I meant it. Your two remaining free visits to the lounge are now null and void. I want you out of my establishment without further delay, and you are not to return as you are no longer welcome here. Do you understand me?” Chad firmly demanded.

The six young men tried to face down the lounge owner, but quickly found their bravado fading. Chad was a big man and looked rather imposing as he stood there with hands on hips and a stern expression on his face. Besides, he was also the boss-man from the mine and they didn’t want to put their jobs in jeopardy. So, after one final longing look around their main source of entertainment, they sheepishly filed out of the building.

“You can go home now, Suzie. Cameron and I will finish up here,” Chad kindly informed the waitress still on duty. He walked her to the door and locked it once she was gone. Making his way back to the bar, he smiled at the stunned gaze on Cameron’s face. He reached over and tapped his partner on the nose to get his full attention. “Looks like it’s going to cost you and Kyler less than originally anticipated, Mugs. It’s only fair to write off the balance owed when you consider the extra work those guys have caused.”

“I love you, big guy,” Cameron replied with a wide grin on his face. He leaned over the bar to kiss his lover. “And I have an idea for proving to you I can save with the best of them. If you buy the guitar for me, I’ll pay you back in full within six months and with interest.” He looked Chad directly in the eye, his blue ones shining with sincerity.

“Is that so? I fail to see where my giving you a loan corresponds with you proving you can save money.” Chad placed his elbows on the bar to lean in closer before speaking in a voice that left no room for debate. “I do not want to hear another word about that guitar you are interested in, Cameron, until such time as you can come to me with the five thousand dollars plus in hand. If you want it bad enough, then save up for it.” He pushed back and straightened up. “Now let’s get this place cleaned up and head home.”

Cameron kicked the bar and went out to collect the glasses left in the private room. “I can take the hundred dollars that would have been being deducted for the cancelled free visits and put it in a savings account,” he muttered under his breath. “It’s a start and will soon add up as I add more each pay.” He made sure his muttering did not reach Chad’s ears. Chad had a lot of patience but Cameron knew he’d been pushing it recently.

They left the lounge and were about to get in the Ranger when Cameron looked across the engine bonnet at Chad and stammered out an apology. “I-I’m sorry. I’ll stop bugging you about the guitar.”

“Thank you, Mugs. I appreciate it.” Chad smiled at the younger man. He knew Cameron meant what he had just said, but couldn’t help wondering how long it would take before the subject came up again.


Cameron got up and made breakfast for Chad the next morning as a further apology, and saw him head off for work. He then sat down at the computer and began chatting with on-line friends. When Evan logged on, they started talking and as usual, the conversation moved on to music. Cameron made a fatal mistake and went back to have another look at the guitar on the Les Paul site.

‘Bugger it,’ he thought to himself as he took his new credit card out of his wallet. ‘It’s my damn money and I can handle the payments.’ Chad had long ago eased up on inspecting his credit card statements so Cameron felt relatively safe. It never occurred to him that hiding his new purchase would be almost impossible.

After calling the number on the back of the card and activating it, he placed his order. He even opted for the ‘Rush’ shipment at extra cost. He leaned back with a self-satisfied grin on his face and rubbed his hands together. “In less than a week, I’ll be the proud owner of a Les Paul guitar. I gotta let Evan know,” he mused happily and began typing a new email.


It was the middle of the following week when Chad stopped by the post office to drop of the mail from the mine. He decided to check his and Cameron’s mailbox, and discovered a notice informing them they had a package waiting to be picked up. Apparently the courier driver had left it with the postal clerk when he’d received no answer at their home and did not want to make a return trip.

Chad was surprised at the size of the parcel, but didn’t comment. He merely signed for it and toted it out to the Ranger. It was addressed to Cameron but the return address was somewhat obscured, so any curiosity Chad had about the contents would have to wait until the box was opened.

He walked into the house shortly before his partner was due home and laid the large, rectangle carton on the kitchen table. Then he headed upstairs to get out of his work clothes and shower.

Cameron arrived home and as usual, went straight to the kitchen to start the coffee machine. He stopped short when he saw the package. He gulped when he suddenly realised what he’d done. Sitting down, he put his elbow on the table with his head in his hands as feelings of regret and mortification washed over him. This was how Chad found him five minutes later.

Chad whistled merrily as he came down the stairs. The sound abruptly stopped when he caught sight of his young partner. The unopened carton left him somewhat confused.

“What’s up, Mugs? I would have expected you to have torn into that parcel within minutes of getting home. Are you anticipating bad news or something?”

Cameron glanced up. “I know what’s in it,” he answered in a small voice. “I don’t think you’re going to be very happy with me.” He pulled the carton towards him, removed the tape and opened it. Despite his apprehension, he let out a sigh of pure joy when the guitar was unveiled. It looked even better in the here and now than it had in the pictures. He silently took out his wallet, then the credit card and laid it next to the package. His eyes dropped under Chad’s steady gaze.

The longer Chad stared at him, the redder Cameron’s face got. The older man finally pulled out a chair, sat down and picked up the piece of plastic. “Let’s see if I can put the pieces together here. From the looks of this, I’d say you received a new credit card and more than likely with a higher limit. So you activated it and ordered the guitar you were told to save for, instead of going in debt. Just how far off the mark am I, Cameron?”

“The new limit was seventy-five hundred,” Cameron replied, wincing inwardly as Chad hit home. “I can’t truthfully say I’m sorry,” he admitted, surprising himself. “Well, not about getting the guitar. I know I broke one of our rules and I’m sorry I did it behind your back. You’d already said no, so I don’t really have an excuse.”

“Really; only one rule, Mugs?” Chad’s raised eyebrow spoke volumes and caused his Brat to squirm uncomfortably. “Hmm, exactly which rule are you referring to? Is it the one about avoiding deception? Or could it be the one involving us discussing major purchases before they are made and me having the final say? Maybe it’s the one that covers you not maxing out your credit card, do you think? How about the rule we have of you not disobeying me?”

Cameron opened his mouth to reply and then thought better of it. He really had no defence and knew it. He wondered exactly how deep he was in and had the feeling he was sinking fast. “I can make the payments,” he eventually responded in a low voice. “And I guess it’s at least four rules I’ve broken.” He unconsciously shivered as he owned up to his wrongdoings. “Shit, I didn’t really think of it like that.” His slightly panicked eyes met Chad’s. “I really didn’t.”

Chad nodded as he bent the credit card back and forth until it broke in two. “You were too caught up in acquiring that guitar, regardless the cost. I can understand you wanting it, Cameron, but we can’t always get everything we want. Re-tape the carton; it will be going back in the morning.”

“But....Chadddd,” Cameron whined, shocked at his Top’s actions. “I said I can make the payments. And it’s so beautiful.”

Chad eyebrow rose again. He got up to retrieve the roll of packing tape from the junk drawer and plunked it down on the table. “Do what you’re told, Cameron. Now!” There was no debating that directive.

Cameron didn’t argue this time. He started re-taping the carton, but his deep sighs along with sidewise glances to see if Chad would relent, were calculated. When he saw Chad frown and shake his head, he sighed louder. “This sucks,” he complained as he finished the job.

“Yes, it probably does,” Chad agreed without a note of sympathy in his voice. “Returning your purchase is part of your punishment for doing what you knew was wrong. If you think you can afford to pay for it, then you can afford to save for it before re-ordering.”

Cameron bit his lower lip. The minute he’d seen the package, he knew he’d be punished but had consoled himself with the fact he’d still have the guitar. But that was no longer the case. He knew Chad’s tone and there was no way his Top was going to relent. He just sighed again.

Chad ignored the exaggerated sighing and proceeded to lay down the law. “The next part of your punishment may seem like a two-edged sword in that it should actually help you reach your new financial goal to save for that guitar you want so badly. Between us, we are going to put together a budget for you to follow. Although you’ve made regular payments on your credit card and have brought it to zero, you have also been rather haphazard in keeping an eye on your bank account and have over-drawn it numerous times. That’s going to change. From now on you’ll have new rules to adhere to.” Chad paused to let this sink in and to make sure he had his partner’s undivided attention before continuing.

“First, failure to balance your checking account at the end of each month will mean the loss of your debit card for a week, possibly longer. Secondly, you may use your old credit card occasionally for smaller, unexpected purchases. However, the entire month’s statement must be repaid on the due date or you’ll lose the card until the balance is paid in full, plus one additional month. Last but not least, you will open a new savings account and deposit a minimum of ten percent of your pay check every week. I’ll be watching this very carefully, Mugs.”

“You can’t be serious,” Cameron spluttered, outraged by the older man’s expectations. He looked closely at Chad. “Oh God, you are. It’s fucking nuts!” In the stress of the moment, Cameron forgot that Chad did not approve of certain swear words. As soon as it came out of his mouth, he blushed. “Sorry,” he quietly apologized. “But you shocked me.”

He sat and thought for a moment, mentally reviewing what Chad had said. “I can agree to all that, I guess.” Cameron grimaced at having to capitulate. “You’re really such a Top,” he accused.

“And you’re very much a Brat,” Chad declared as he pulled Cameron up, seated himself and tugged the younger man down on his lap. “I know you’re disappointed at having to return the parcel, but in all honesty, when you finally get your guitar, you’ll be able to enjoy it more without a huge debt hanging over your head.” He tapped Cameron on the nose. “And just to make sure you don’t forget these three rules for saving, you’re going to write them down; one hundred times each.”

That said, and before his love could voice his objection, Chad flipped him facedown across his thighs and landed a dozen forceful swats on the seat of Cameron’s jeans. “That’s for devious behaviour.”

Cameron had half-expected both punishments. Although he was somewhat surprised he got to keep his jeans on. The hard smacks stung and by the time Chad had finished, Cameron’s cheeks were wet, but he wasn’t the mess he usually was after being spanked.

Chad turned his partner upright and gently wiped the tears away with his thumbs. “That was just a warning, Cameron. I don’t want anymore shenanigans where this guitar is concerned. Understood?”

Cameron nodded his head vigorously and flung his arms around his Top. “Understood,” he softly replied as he settled into the safest place in the world.

The End

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