Co-written by: Jo and LJ

“Chad, Chad!” Cameron burst into the kitchen. “Lon invited me to a party at the lake on Saturday. Is it all right if I go? He’ll pick me up after work and I should be back before midnight.”

Chad smiled over his shoulder at the younger man’s excitement and turned back to chopping the veggies for a stir-fry. “Hmm, sounds like a lot of fun, babe, and I wouldn’t think of bursting your bubble,” he teased. He dropped a light kiss on his Brat’s head when Cameron stepped closer, picked up a chunk of celery and popped it into his mouth. “Besides, Kipper is planning another poker night with the guys and was griping about me missing so many during the last few months. Guess he misses me taking his money.”

Cameron rolled his eyes. “Poker, boring game,” he scoffed. “I don’t see how you, Kipper and the other guys can play it.” He looked over at the vegetables Chad was chopping “Want some help?” he inquired tongue-in-cheek, grabbing a couple of mushrooms and popping them into his mouth.

“Yummy,” he laughed and danced out of range of his Top’s swat. He knew Chad didn’t like anyone else in the kitchen when he cooked. “I’ll set the table,” he offered. He began to set the table and called over his shoulder, “Can I buy a six-pack from the lounge to take to the party?” he asked. “I’ll put the money in the till.”

“Yes, you can take out of the inventory,” Chad answered as he dropped the cut-up veggies into the electric wok where cubed chicken was frying. “So how was your shift today, Mugs?”

“Same old, same old,” Cameron replied casually. Chad served up dinner. “I did see someone earlier this week. That rather sweet mechanic from the garage dropped in. I said ‘hi’ and he made a run for it.” Cameron shrugged. “Bit shy, I guess.” Cameron dug into his stir-fry.

“Wasn’t too exciting a week, was it?” Chad chuckled at the lack of enthusiasm on his Brat’s part. “Good thing you have a fun activity planned for this weekend to make up for it. Who all is going? Anyone I need to be concerned about?” Although Chad would never interfere with who Cameron had for friends, there were some whose behaviour he questioned.

“Lon, Tom, that crowd,” Cameron answered. “Apparently there’s going to be quite a few people up there. It’s going to be a blast.” Cameron smiled brightly up at Chad. “No one to be concerned about, honest; I can look after myself.”

“Whether or not you can take care of yourself isn’t in question, Mugs. It’s if you will, that I question,” Chad teased and he laughed loudly at the piqued expression on his Brat’s face. “I’m sure you’ll have a great time,” he relented and pulled the younger man into his arms and kissed him. “Sit, eat, and tell me all about it,” he ordered as he landed a light swat on Cameron’s butt.


“How do I always get into trouble?” Cameron wondered as Lon and Tom finished throwing up and got back into the car. The party had been fun. Cameron had been more interested in the music and dancing than in the drinking. He’d had a couple of beers at the start of the party and then stuck to water. He was having so much fun he lost track of time. It was almost midnight when he went to look for Lon and Tom to drive him home. They were trashed, drunk and stoned. In Cam’s mind he didn’t have a choice; he had to get home. Thank God the car was an automatic and wouldn’t be too hard to drive, or so he hoped. He poured Lon and Tom into the backseat and set off. He crept along at twenty miles an hour, only just managing to pull off the road to let his passengers throw up. Cameron sighed in relief as he hit the town limits. “Home free,’ he thought. Seconds later, he heard a police siren. He pulled over, put this head in his hands and groaned, “I’m so dead.” He watched the officer approach the car. He’d seen this guy around town many times. He racked his brain for a name. “Hi, Chandi,” he said brightly. “I wasn’t speeding, was I?”

“No, in fact quite the opposite; you were going rather slow and I wondered if there was a problem.” Chandi took in the condition of the two men in the back seat and then looked closer at the driver. “You mind telling me what you guys have been up to?”

“No problem,” Cameron replied. “We were up at the lake and these two overindulged a bit. So I said I’d drive them home. I’m going slow because I occasionally have to pull over to let them throw up.” Cameron was praying that would end the conversation.

Chandi didn’t doubt for a moment that the young man was telling the truth. However, he was suspicious about what may have been left unsaid as the driver seems a bit nervous. Wondering if the men had more drugs or alcohol in the car, he decided to delay them in order to learn more.

“I’d appreciate seeing your registration, insurance and licence, please,” he firmly requested, confident as always that his quiet manner portrayed his authority.

Cameron knew the game was up. “I’m not licensed,” he blurted out, then blushed as that made him sound like a dog. “I mean, I don’t have a driver’s license.” He looked at Chandi, his blue eyes wide. “Those two were so wasted, I had to drive. I can park the car and walk the rest of the way home.” Cameron was desperately hoping Chandi would just give him a warning.

“I think it would be best if I took you all into the station,” Chandi informed him, after once considering the condition of the men in the back seat and realizing there was no way they could be just left on their own as it would be unlikely that they would get home without assistance. “I want you to move this vehicle as far off the road as possible. Right under that street light would be fine. Then I expect all three of you to get into the squad car.” Chandi stood back and watched as his orders were reluctantly followed to the letter.

Fifteen minutes later, Chandi ushered the men into the police station. Two of them all but passed out on the nearest bench while the third man nervously paced. “Cameron, right?” Chandi inquired, putting his hand on the man’s arm. “I understand the need for you to be driving. I am going to overlook the fact that you were doing so without a license because I would rather see an unlicensed driver than an inebriated one. However, this is a one-time only. Is that understood?”
Chandi sternly asked as he looked directly into Cameron’s face. Getting a wide-eyed nod, the officer continued. “Okay, is there someone you can call to come and get you and your friends? I am sure you would rather be picked up here than be taken home in a squad car.” Chandi smiled perceptively.

Cameron closed his eyes. “Yes, there’s someone I can call.” He looked over at Lon and Tom. “I guess I can call their parents, even though I know they no longer live at home.” Lon’s head shot up at this and he lurched upright, declaring he and Tom could make their own way home.

“Would you let me use your phone?” Cameron asked Chandi. “I’m sure my partner is worried.” He dialed the number. “Hi Chad,” he said nervously, after listening to several rings. “Can you come and pick me up at the police station?”

Chad heard the phone ringing as he opened the front door, but it took him a moment or so to answer it. He glanced at the clock on the wall when he recognized his partner’s voice and only then realized how late it was. “Of course, Mugs, I’ll be right there,” he answered without hesitation. There were a number of questions running through his mind as he left the house and climbed back into the Ranger; all of which would have to wait until he got his Brat home safe and sound, regardless of his anxiety level rising.

Cameron looked up when Chad walked into the station. He could clearly see how worried his partner was. He walked over and looked into his Top’s eyes. “I’m not in trouble,” he said. “Well I was, but Chandi just gave me a warning, that's all.” His young face radiated innocence.

Chad rolled his eyes. He didn’t buy the innocent persona for one second. “All right, Cameron. Give me a minute to talk to Chandi, please. You and I will discuss the situation further when we get home.”

He spent several minutes in quiet conversation with the young police officer. Chandi did most the talking while Chad now and again nodded his understanding. When they were done, Chad signaled his Brat that they were leaving. They ended up driving Cameron’s buddies to their apartment complex, because Lon and Tom were not able to get a hold of their parents.

Once home, Chad dropped his keys on the counter and turned to glare at Cameron. “Okay, Mugs, we can deal with all this now or wait until morning. It’s your call, but deal with it we will,” the big man informed his wayward partner.

Cameron opened his eyes wide. Why was it his innocent look never worked with Chad? “I couldn’t do anything else, Chad,” he pleaded his case. “Lon and Tom were wasted. There was no way they could drive safely. Come on, I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think it was safe.” Cameron didn’t see any wavering in his Top’s expression. “Chandi understood.” He pouted as he shuffled uneasily from one foot to the other.

“I take it that your attempt at plea bargaining is an indirect way of you choosing to deal with this now, rather than put it on hold.” Chad sternly eyed his nervous Brat and decided it was probably for the best to get it over with. “Chandi cut you some slack. With Jade Heights being a small town, he was able to do that. Had it happened in a bigger center, you would not have been so lucky. It is also very unlikely the RCMP would have been as lenient had they been the ones to pull you over.” He paused to let his words sink in.

“You were driving illegally, Cameron. True, your friends were in no condition to be behind the wheel, but you did have other options. Does using a cell phone and calling home, ring a bell? Do you not think it would have been better for me to pick you up at the lake as opposed to me having to do so from the police station?” Chad had no intentions of letting this go.

Cameron bit his lip. He didn’t want the conversation to go there. “You were playing poker with Kipper,” he pointed out. “I didn’t want to disturb you.” He quailed slightly at the look Chad gave him. Then he took a deep breath and decided he might as well lay everything out on the table. “I couldn’t anyway cause I forgot to get the prepay reloaded on my cell.” He took a deep breath and braced himself. This was not a first time offence.

Chad sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “Strike two, Mugs. Seems we’ve been over this before if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure there was someone at the party who had a working cell on them. I am equally sure you didn’t bother asking as you believed it gave the perfect excuse to drive.” He put his hand on Cameron’s shoulder and led him over to the sofa, indicating he should take a seat. Then he paced for a few moments, mentally putting together a plan of action before turning to glare down at his Brat.

“Okay, this is what’s going to happen. First, no more pay-as-you-go cell phone cards; you’re going on a regular monthly plan like mine. Secondly, you are going to make another attempt at getting your driver’s license.” Chad held up his hand to forestall the forthcoming argument. “I know you’ve tried twice before and failed; which, my boy, is just one more reason why you should not have been driving tonight. Your original test was aborted when you were unable to parallel park. The next one ended in total disaster when you failed to look both ways at one intersection and ran a stop sign a block later. So starting this weekend, we are going to spend our days off honing your driving skills until you pass that doggone test and get your license.” Chad looked up at the ceiling and offered a silent pray. ‘God, I hope I don’t end up wringing his neck before he succeeds.’

“But right now, I’m going to tan your butt for the stunts you’ve pulled tonight. Hopefully it will prevent you from repeating them any time soon.” With that, Chad pulled his Brat off the sofa and sat down in his place. Then he quickly divested the other man of his jeans and boxers, and settled him across his hard thighs. “I will never let you get away with breaking the rules, Cameron.” He raised his hand a brought it down with a resounding swat.

Cameron whimpered. He’d known the night would end this way the second he heard Chandi’s siren. There were a few non-negotiable rules and he’d transgressed twice. He grabbed a cushion as the first swat landed.The burn built steadily and Cameron felt the tears start. He began to cry out at each swat, promising he’d never break the rules again. Then finally he just sobbed, feeling incredible guilty at worrying Chad so much. He didn’t realize for a few minutes that Chad had finished spanking. He felt well punished and convinced he wouldn’t sit comfortably ever again.“I love you,” Cameron mumbled into Chad’s upper body a while later. “But I don’t think it’s a great idea, you teaching me to drive. I’m not very good.”

A chuckle rumbled up from Chad’s chest. “You can be just as good a driver as anyone else, Mugs. I think you need a change of instructors. Your buddies are just not up to par. I should have insisted on teaching you myself in the first place. You have all the theory down pat, all you need is the practice.” Chad rubbed soothing circles on his partner’s still shuddering back and murmured words of encouragement and love into Cameron hair. “I love you too, baby. It’s getting late and you’re exhausted, so how about we get ready for bed. We can sleep in late tomorrow and spend the day relaxing around the house, okay?” He helped his Brat to stand up and together they headed into the master bedroom.


“I told you, I wasn’t a good driver,” Cameron pointed out virtuously. “I also told you, I couldn’t do a U-turn in such a confined space.” He looked at the truck, wedged firmly into the hillside. “I think the fenders been pushed back onto the tire,” he said pensively. “The good part is, I don’t think we’re likely to cause a landslide getting it out,” he said brightly.

Chad rolled his eyes. It had been a little over a week since his Brat’s adventure on the wrong side of the law, during which time they had gone to the Motor Vehicle Registration office and renewed Cameron’s learner’s permit. Chad had allowed his partner drive home from the lounge a couple of times at night when there was little or no traffic. Today he had brought him out to the mine to practice turning, backing up and parking.

“Confined space? Cameron, an eighteen-wheeler could have made a U-turn here and had room to spare.” The big man got down on his haunches and examined the damage done to the Ranger. He was relieved to see there wasn’t much due to Cameron driving so painfully slow, something Chad was grateful for. Although, he’d be the first to admit it was always gratitude he felt during the hours they had spent making the same moves over and over again.

“No harm done,’ he announced as he walked around to the driver’s side and climbed in, signaling for the other man to get in the passenger’s seat. He carefully backed away from the boulder his truck was resting against and drove over to the mine’s office.

He shifted in his seat until he was facing his Brat, released a long drawn-out sigh of exasperation and tried as patiently as possible to explain the situation. “Look, this isn’t rocket science. You can be as capable a driver as the next man if you want to. Question is; do you want to be? You don’t have to get your license unless it is something you actually want. It’s your choice, Mugs. You just better not get behind the wheel of another vehicle without one.”

“I want my license,” Cameron stated firmly. “I’m not going to let a hunk of metal defeat me.” He got a stubborn look on his face. “Let me try that U-turn again,” he almost demanded. “This time I’ll do it.” He waited impatiently for Chad to get out of the truck and trade places. Then he jumped into the driver’s seat. This time he not only made a perfect U-turn, but just to emphasis his determination, did a perfect parallel park. He grinned triumphantly at Chad. “Guess you were right. I just had to put my mind to it.” A pat on the back from his partner added to his confidence. “Can I drive home now, please?”

“Yes, if you exercise due care and attention. Just like you read about in the manual, right?”
Cameron nodded and carefully steered the Ranger through the gates of the mine towards the road leading into town. Everything was going smoothly, so he decided it was time to increase his speed, now that he was feeling more self-assured. It was something Chad had suggested he work on. He was therefore surprised when fifteen minutes later, just as they arrived in Jade Heights a siren went off behind him. He looked over at Chad in surprise. “Was I speeding?” he asked, somewhat confused.

“No, babe, I was keeping a close eye on the speedometer. Pull over and let the police cruiser pass.” Chad smiled when his Brat huffed out a loud sign of relief as the squad car sped by. “Had you going there for a second or two, huh?” He laughed at the disgruntled glare sent his way.

“Drive right through town, Mugs, and we’ll go to the dairy bar for ice cream. You’ve done well and deserve a treat. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of weeks you’ll be ready to take that exam again. Bet you’ll pass it this time and come home with your license in hand.”

“You really think so?” Cameron asked; making sure he kept his eye on the road. “I hope so. With a license I could be a lot more mobile and take some of the work off your shoulders, such as doing the grocery shopping and even going to Kelowna to run errands and stuff.” Cameron pulled into the dairy bar. “Strawberry for me,” he announced gaily.


Chad was patiently passing time in the Motor Vehicles Office by thumbing through a Readers’ Digest magazine. He expected his Brat to return any moment, hopefully with news that he had succeeded in earning his driver’s license.

Cameron had been honing his driving skills at every opportunity over the last three weeks in preparation for today’s road test. He had aced the written exam, his eyesight was 20-20 and he had no health problems.

Sensing someone beside him, Chad looked up to see his partner standing there. He could not tell if his Brat had good news or bad because Cameron was working hard at maintaining a poker face and not letting his expression give anything away.

Chad stood up and good-naturedly asked the expected question. “So, how did it go, Mugs?”

“Well,” Cameron said slowly. “Apparently my three-point turn was a bit slow.” He looked at Chad and seeing a frustrated look cross his Top’s face, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. “However, everything else was spot on. I’m now a licensed driver. Be afraid, be very afraid!” His smile broke through and he whispered into Chad’s ear. “And I know just how I want to celebrate.” His grin turned wicked.

“Do you now!” Chad easily zeroed in on what his partner was hinting at. Subtly was not one of the younger man’s strong suits. “It’s kind of unfortunate that we have an hour’s drive home ahead of us.” Much to his Brat’s chagrin, the older man did not looked all that put out over the delay.

“Congrats, Mugs, I’m proud of you. But let’s get out of here.” Chad led the way across the parking lot and climbed into the driver’s seat of the Ranger. He turned his head so Cameron wouldn’t see him smiling at the mumbled volley of complaints coming from the passenger’s side.

Halfway home, Chad slowed and drove onto a narrow dirt road that wound its’ way through the forest. They bumped along the rough, little-used lane for a few minutes and ended up in a small sunny glen. “Out you get, baby, and we’ll see about fulfilling your celebration wish.” Chad’s grin widened as he pulled a heavy blanket out of the back seat.

Cameron’s disgruntlement trailed off as he looked around. “Wow,” he said. “This is so pretty.” He looked over at Chad and saw his lover lying on the blanket. He was so sexy, this Top of his. He knelt beside his partner and began to undo Chad’s shirt buttons. As skin was slowly revealed, he began to kiss him softly all over. “How do you want to do this?” he asked, trailing his hands gently over the sensitive skin and gazing into his lover’s eyes. “Hard and fast or long and slow; I’m happy to celebrate anyway you want to.” Cameron’s grin widened as his eyes sparkled.

“We’ll take it as it goes,” Chad teasingly growled as he quickly undressed his partner and removed the last of his own clothing. Laying Cameron on his back, Chad gently prepared him, lifted the young man’s legs and placed them on his shoulders. Then he slowly entered him, only to plunge deeper once Cameron’s body had adjusted to the initial breach of the ring of anal muscle. Chad repeatedly moved back and surged forward, increasing the speed and depth with each thrust. He brushed against his lover’s prostate, sending waves of pleasure through him.

Wrapping his big hand around Cameron’s erection, Chad used his lover’s pre-cum as lubrication and rhythmically stroked up and down the length of the hardened shaft. “You feel so good, baby,” Chad murmured, seconds before their bodies convulsed and they climaxed together. They lay panting for a few minutes while holding each other close. “I love you,” he whispered once he had caught his breath.

Cameron took a little longer to catch his breath. He basked in the afterglow of their loving. He sat up, his nipple ring glinting in the sun. “You know, this is a perfect place for a picnic. Why don’t I take the truck and pick something up. You stay here and relax.” Cameron was ignoring the fact that by the time he got the food and drove back, it would be getting late.

“It’s not going to happen, Mugs. We already have chili waiting for us in the slow-cooker, remember? But we’ll come back with a picnic on another day, promise.” Chad stood up and stretched. He grabbed up the blanket and threw it into the back seat before climbing into the passenger side of the Ranger. “You’re licensed now, so you drive.”

The End

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  1. Very good story! I enjoyed it a lot and have to admit I laughed a bit too. Good job girls!